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pkvi [S] 0 points ago +1 / -1

FYI that second image is also Robin Meade who is in the last image. She is a good example of how news became newz nonsense.

What's the point of this here on a conspiracy site --> you've been manipulated, lied to, conditioned, catered to, fed, and now reliant on flashy images to dictate your life and ((they)) are the masters of this platform. Its mental tits and ass without admitting to it.

Its also a statement on how things were.. when there was a time before when we could be a little more down the middle in conversation but ((they)) decided civility of sides was not appropriate to their demands.

It became us or them when we just wanted to be left alone.

So now it has to be us not them.. period.

Anywho.. how we get out is by first burning this bridge.