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I repeat, what happens now in the form of Covid world is known as the "Grand Finale" or at least the Grand finale of this era.

Soon the mask of normalcy will break, and the most depraved, yet silent page of human history, which I call the "Grand Finale" -- rolls out.

This is how everything will be played out.

And remember, this is not just America: This is ALL OVER THE WORLD.

If the Republicans declare WAR against Biden and Democrats, this will happen before the setup:

  1. Republicans gather militia to fight against the Federal Government and Blue states over vaccine mandates, throwing the whole country into chaos
  2. UN Blue Helmets come in and "deescalate" before they occupy America as a new Regime
  3. This will occur within 6 months, minimum

The setup:

  1. A "New Covid Variant" was discovered in some place, say, California
  2. Fauci or WHO will declare that the "Vaccines do not work" against this variant and "we are back to stage 1"

Regardless of what happens, this is what WILL happen to you.

  1. All people over the world have to be locked down or face strict movement restrictions for "1 month". There is no intent to loosen the restrictions at all and they will be infinitely extended. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people will be equally affected.
  2. If lock downs are implemented, people have to be masked even when they are at home if there are more than 1 people living in that house. The only situation anyone can take the mask off is when they go to sleep.
  3. Mass gatherings of more than 2 people are strictly forbidden, and any household with more than 3 people will have all but 3 forcefully taken away.
  4. Going outdoors is strictly forbidden without asking the state permission. It might take more than 2 hours before they respond and confirm, and god forbid if you piss off state officials. If you are permitted to, you will only be allowed to go out for 1 hour. More than 1 hour, no more no less and you will be considered a "super spreader". Traveling to other countries is forbidden.
  5. Government installs smart meters in people's homes as "Contact tracing" and installs the same meters in the streets. The meters do not accurately reflect "Covid cases" and are merely dependent on quotas each day. If they beep, your whole family will be sent to a quarantine camp for 2 months.
  6. Stores are closed, businesses are closed, churches/temples/mosques are closed, facilities are closed, cities are completely empty and dead silent, and online delivery becomes mandatory. If you do not have money or resources to pay for online services, you die. If you are unable to provide online or delivery services, you die (of starvation).
  7. Foraging for food is forbidden.
  8. Meanwhile, most elites are partying in underground bunkers, going out without masks and/or gathering with groups of over 50.
  9. As a result, depending on mental stability and population density, 20 to 40 percent of any population break, commit suicide and die. This will make sure even the strongest of minds -- break.
  10. Cannibalism is practiced in homes with poor conditions.
  11. A decade later of the same conditions, people begin to notice what is wrong, and proceed to overthrow a big chuck of the ruling class. However, core structures of the elite (such as the UN) are left intact, and the rebellion is presumably led by Freemason/CFR related "Patriots".
  12. Most survivors end up with severe PTSD for the rest of their lives.
  13. The rest of the Century will be consisted of the survivors of the mass genocidal attacks trying to indict former world leaders and elites of Genocide, as well as investigations against the UN. The creative destruction methods the killers use render them virtually unaccountable for a while. Independent investigators enter certain countries and find dead bodies all over people's homes, bewildering them, and a handful of perpetrators will die before they could be brought to justice.

If people all over the world, not just the West does NOT understand what is going on, this is the very end for them.

I always HAD to repeat that I live out of America and everyone BUT ME are obviously complicit. Notions of mass genocide are brushed off as Schizophrenic insanity. Notions of Civil War are brushed off as nonsense. This is regardless of chilling evidence that this is what awaits YOU all over the world.

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no_ez 2 points ago +2 / -0

No way... people in my state would take up arms. People, don’t commit suicide now. You can commit suicide by running out and gunning down as many tyrants and tyrant mercenaries as possible when and if the time comes...Just as shellshocked ww1 soldiers ran into no man’s land and got machine gunned. But no violence now. We either beat this in the courts, they give up the ruse, or it’s civil war. I’m not being taken to the killing fields. Not here, not in America. There’s still a line to be crossed and i do still have faith in our legal system, our sheriffs, (some) mayors, and (some) Governors—-and their stupid narrative is falling apart. THEY ARE GOING TO DO A HARD TURN into a new narrative... cyber attack! “Terrorist attack”?? Who knows...These people have no issue killing 7 children in Afghanistan or bombing a doctors without borders hospital shortly after winning the nobel peace prize. Read Gandhi, Tolstoy, and MLK now, take a deep breath, have a snack. We can beat this non-violently... until that line is crossed. DO NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT—- don’t fail to meet them in the stairways with pitchforks, DO NOT GO INTO THE CAMPS. They will say “its just for a week/two weeks/a month...”they will say “it’s for your safety”... you will never leave the camps.

sumtingwongbruh 2 points ago +2 / -0

number 6. ? you cant have EVERYTHING closed but 'online delivery becomes mandatory', unless we see some sort of robot army roll out.

Other than could easily be worse than what you lay out here.

Mrexreturns [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

At least "all in-person stores are closed".

deleted 2 points ago +2 / -0