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We're around that stage where the governments of Covid world had indeed set up the groundwork for MASS GENOCIDE.

And I didn't meant by vaccines.

I meant by locking down the whole globe so the unbearable living conditions (at least mentally) WILL lead to mass suicides.

People cannot imagine it right now, but as recent events had shown, the groundwork has been laid upon.

  1. CDC/WHO declares Vaccines as "ineffective against Covid-Mu" (example) and tells us "we are back to stage 1"
  2. Because of "Covid-Mu", Zionist nations (such as the USA, Israel or Australia) start locking down instantly/imposing curfews while others (like Taiwan, Japan or China) start imposing economically destructive, non-lockdown measures such as dining bans or 2 people social distancing. Masks must be worn at all times, save for during sleep and even in homes. This is followed by an "increased amount of cases" that soar up to "stats" like "100000 in NYC per day" None of the cases exist at all and were only randomly typed on the news for symbolic reasons.
  3. Government lies to people that the lockdowns/restrictions will last for 30 days. This is a lie, and the lockdowns/restrictions extend for 4 years and beyond.
  4. People can no longer withstand the draconian living conditions (mentally) and suicide cases skyrocket, despite government was never actively starving people (have to thank instant delivery services)
  5. However, some services known as "unecessary" businesses (such as travel or airplane industries, or small businesses) will lose all income, forcing their owners to commit suicide or outright resort to cannibalism
  6. Smart meters are installed outside every house and will randomly pick a select amount of people for "Covid" in substitute for PCR tests. If you get caught with "Covid" signaled by a series of beeping sounds, you will be sent to a camp for 2 months
  7. Armies will be deployed to enforce curfews or lockdowns if possible -- people are only able of going out for 1 hour during a lockdown, 1 minute more and you will be sent to "test for covid"
  8. All attempts to resist demolished, all attempts to spread awareness ignored or taken down by "the people". Not "Elites", "the people". MSM actively promotes more hysteria and disses all resistance as "ignoramuses"
  9. A decade later, the elite meets valid resistance from a "third party". We do not know what this is for now, but it is DEFINITELY not from us. All covid restrictions are abolished, and the whole event is finally exposed as a fraud.
  10. The remainder of the century is spent trying to indict the criminals who perpetrated the Covid incident mostly to no avail due to the creative destruction methods they use to commit the genocide. When UN "investigators" come into NSW or Tokyo to check for human rights crimes, they find out 4 out of 10 houses had dead bodies in it, bewildering them.

Of course, I'm assuming the worst case scenario that could happen if things evolve further from this point. It might not happen, we might overturn it, but this is EXACTLY the worst case you should expect and prepare for.

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Now jerk off while the fear porn lasts.