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That's why hes screwed certain races worse than others (Africans and indians). This vaccine is a targeted genocide (so far at least). It will only kill the people who consented to taking it. The idea is it will kill off all the people who refuse to think.

It is an idea taken from Atlas Shrugged. Atlas is the god who holds the world on his shoulders. Ayn Rand says that Aristotle represents Atlas (to her). Aristotle is the philosopher who invented evidence based reasoning, and the scientific method. 'Atlas shrugged' means reasoning shrugged. In the book, communists took over everything. Because people were selfish they went along with the irrationality, then they died through their own stupidity. The ones who thought for themselves survived.

Thats exactly what is happening now. Everyone's had years to see how irrational the media and politicians are, and if they take this vaccine with all the evidence that is available that the leaders are lying, and the vaccine is unsafe, then they diserve to die (from a natural selection POV).

I think Bill and his mates knows its a matter of time till theyre caught and executed, but i think that they, being psycopaths, will die happy, knowing they Have set up a new golden age without all the people who refuse to think for themselves.

I'm not condoning any of this. This is what i think he thinks.

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There is nothing wrong with eugenics.

There is everything wrong with larping as not one to achieve being one.