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If its "Globalists vs. The People,' i honestly think we have them on defense right now. i think they originally wanted to have pushed forward with arresting vaccine resistant people into unvaccinated detention centers by now, with some euphemism as the name of the camp. that's the strategy for them offensively, but right now they seem to be on defense. with rand paul filing charges, and the lawsuit for the 45,000 vaccine deaths, having to mainstream the lab leak which is something they probably would have liked not to have had to do, ivermectin being adopted in india and gaining a lot of attention, also the election audits seem to have momentum, they seem to be much more exposed than ideally. public sentiment is probably the most extremely anti-government its been in a long time, with more and more people waking up for the first time. Offensively, they have put a massive lead on the board, theyve rolled out the vaccines succesffully with high rates of voluntary compliance and a lot of public support. the propaganda doesnt seem to be pushing the needle any farther but theyve got a large percentage of the population in the vaccinated camp. now if the vaccinated create the perfect breeding crown for new variants to develope, these deaths caused by the new strains will rip through the vaccinated, and the TV will blame the deaths on the unvaccinated spreading the delta variant. biden will hopefully die soon giving prosecutor kamala the perfect oppurtunity to jumpstart her reign as the first female president by announcing a campaign to protect the public safety by removing the racist, selfish, delusion, anti-science, pro-murder, pro-trump, conspiracy theorists from populations, starting from public spaces. After declaring the second pandemic, and announcing brand new, much harsher lockdowns, proof of vaccination will be required to be shown by every household member, and if proof cannot be shown, either the vaccine will be administered at that point or they will be arrested and detained by the military under martial law in unvaccinated camps. the laws allowing governments to do this already exist. the southern states will resist but they will be swiftly defeated by the US armed forces. Now whether this plan has been delayed or not is unclear but i think they are behind schedule and are losing the public support they need to use the population against itself. they fell short of their vaccination percentage goal, and ivermectin is known to be the covid beater. with rand paul catching fauci out so badly and filing charges, they path towards being caught in the act is becoming more possible while still very unlikely. we can only hope

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There is certainly a stale mate with regard to the vaccination program. Everyone that intended to get it has gotten it and those that have decided they will not get it, never will. The needle isnt going to move much either way. Those of us that intend to resist have time on our side and they dont. This fall, like you said, the vaxxed are going to start dying in huge numbers and yes it will be blamed on the shot-free, but that is ok because the military and health care personnel got the shots so who will be there to force us? Theyll all be dying or sick. At that point the writing on the wall will be so clear that the remaining unvaxxed will rather die fighting than get it.

Furthermore, the gov is going to have a lot of problems to handle simultaneously when all hell breaks loose. The economy will collapse, there will be food and energy shortages (planned, see Cyber Polygon), the sick and dying from the vaxx will not be able to go to work to keep things running. There will be failures in critical areas all across the nation. All we have to do is wait.

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The needle isnt going to move much either way.

I see what you did there.

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i think an escape or exit is probably the right move right about now

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There are not many places to escape to. Rural America is about it. Wyoming is nice.

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Wyoming sucks now.frankly it wasent great before.

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Did the commifornians ruin it too?

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I can never tell if people who say this are serious, or really good at keeping people from going there

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While the depopulation agenda is real, the idea pitched on Utopia seemed more advantageous to the elites: great reduction in fertility/outright sterilization. It softens the transition some because a mass die off can mean the sort of chaos where eve n billionaires watch their kids did first.

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Honest question: if the depopulation agenda is real, why did just as many people die last year as the year before? I think the vaccine is something else. Maybe it’ll kill most of the takers in the future?

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yeah what you dont realize is when they do things like this, they give some people they want to live a fake shot.

thats how it works.

EVERYONE gets the shot. some people get one does nothing, others get one that kills em.

I know several guys in the military who had absolutely no side effects and chances are they're giving their own saline injections instead and just using whether or not you got it as a mark of loyalty.

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The reins are slipping, the cabal is starting to lose control of the narrative.

  • Widespread election fraud has been publicly proven in Arizona with several other states starting their own audits.
  • Whistleblower claiming 45k vaccine deaths already going to court.
  • Fuellmich's latest report: "They're making a lot of mistakes, we're nearing the tipping point."
  • Macron trying to enforce illegal vaccine mandates, then backpedaling after hundreds of thousands rose up.
  • Fauci getting caught lying under oath, stuttering and shaking like the common crook he is.
  • Propaganda getting ever more hysterical while vaccination rates have stalled and the silent majority is rapidly becoming an angry majority.

We'll see how far this will escalate but I'm expecting to see some wins going forward.

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Widespread election fraud has been publicly proven in Arizona with several other states starting their own audits.

Wrong. Cyber Ninjas are clowns.

See this thread.

*** Of course not a single one of you can refute the point, you just downvote like redditards. Enjoy your hopium.

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i think public sentimennt is at a point its never been as far as awarness and knowing in what ways we are all being fucked. if something like covid or trump or the blm riots raises the temperature in the future, the manifest response is going to follow the line of thinking that has the biggest market share as far as sentiment.

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The increased aggressive messaging for the filthy unvaxxed reads that they don't have the numbers they wanted.
So does the messaging on new variants, etc.
There was some number that makes this easier for them, and they didn't hit it.

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We are losing, and we are losing by a lot.

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the southern states will resist but they will be swiftly defeated by the US armed forces.

LOL. All it takes is one bullet on the right target. Southern boys will always win.

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The reason why the non Federalists lost the first time was they refused the tactics of the North and General Sherman by destroying infrastructure going after non combatants .

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Optics fags go waaay back.

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As much as I respect both Dr Pauls, they lack any juice to deal any blows to this vile conspiracy. While it was good to see Fauci losing it, the creep still has his gig. Senators are part of the legislature and a deliberative body. Rand can't have Fauci interrogated, but if Rand pushed too far he'll be sidelined. It won't be a crazed neighbor or untrained marksman. They can so easily end people or destroy reputations.

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I have been thinking about this massive vax die-off that people like to talk about. The conundrum I see is that they're killing off the most malleable in society, the people who would go with their program unquestioningly.

Why? Wouldn't you want those types of people around if you plan on ruling the planet forever?

So what if we've got it wrong. What if they're disposing of the useless dregs instead. People say their intention is to rise above being merely human. You can't do that with a global population of midwits. You need the most intelligent people in high concentration to do that. So what if they're culling humanity's idiots?

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You are not.

Or at least if you don't live in America or UK (where scare mongering is seemingly being ignored like crap even by governments).

I kept talking about this MANY times before, so please, listen.

One day the "cases" get typed on MSM against Japan, South Korea, Melbourne and co, you are still losing.