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Schumann's resonance changed after HAARP was built. Dont need evidence for chemtrails, contrails are enough to affect climate. Weather modification is more real than a few successful cloud seeding experiments.

I was justing thinking this morning about the vaccine injury demographics that recently came out (90% white) and noticed something. In the same year, the majority white south reached record lows and the majority white west reached record highs. Just seems like a strange coincidence.

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If you want to know about what they are doing with weather, look for my video about the weather technologies you dn't know exist

It's excellent and it's all true, backed by USAF documents made available thru FOIA, and is the culmination of several people's good work and decades of reearch

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Interesting thought. Could be something. Maybe not.

My impression from the research I’ve done is that globalists aren’t necessarily targeting one race: planned parenthood offices packed more densely in black neighborhoods is one example. I imagine the globalists are 98% “white” - but to reach 500M they’ll be destroying billions of every race.

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The results were 0% jewish btw. That's ((white)).

Lol Ive grown out of calling them "globalists". It's Israel. Always been.