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I told you so.

I told you so.

This pandemic is intended to last 3 decades or more, at least until the Elite can quite literally turn into demi-gods that control all of creation.

And no, if you think that 2 mouths and a keyboard will stop this, I am sorry. It will not. Not even 100,000,000 keyboards and 100,000,000 mouths will. Not even more than that. The people who fought the Bolsheviks and Jacobins learnt their lesson, so I don't know how people would think that this is an option now. It's not; the smartest people ran to somewhere they could way before the former regimes start tanking themselves into the ground.

But, back to the main topic.

Your time here is over, and the only thing you need to know is how.

  • Masks, Social Distancing and lockdowns continue from 2021 - 2024 regardless of vaccination because of "Mutant Covid strains"
  • Trump relection in 2025 triggers a second American revolution consisting of Antifa and BLM killers fighting Neo-Nazis and gun-toting patriots, accumulating to Antifa and BLM burning the White House and literally killing every rich man who did not leave. If you are Bill Gates, Fauci, Bezos, Biden, Trump etc and you get found, you are dead.
  • Far left and far right continue to start a Civil War consisting of 4 states and led by killer warlords who do nothing but to commit monstrosities against each other. If you are a transgender in a place like Texas or a patriot in California, you are dead. Google, Facebook and Twitter records will be used to hunt down and kill potential targets.
  • If you are a Christian or Muslim, you are dead. The far left/far right will humiliate and kill you.
  • A fifth warlord comes out, destroys the 4 warring states and turns America into a militant ultra-nationalist dictatorship. Warlord denies Covid World, states that they will never force "anti pandemic measures" because there is simply no pandemic, and rebuilds the economy. The desperation of the masses has led them to welcome this nationalist government, but quickly, people who are subject to "homesickness" (wanting the White House regime back), "LGBT-related mental illnesses" or "Chinese or Russian spies" (Can be Chinese expats or even Korean) can and will be sent to FEMA Camps. Once you enter these camps, you are never coming back again.
  • New government engages in crisis against Taiwan and Crimea, prodding Russia and China for war, then throws away war efforts to make sure China and Russia wins (as intended, not by ignorance). All other USA allies follow suit and are promptly destroyed.
  • America is occupied by Blue Helmets, PLA and Spetsnaz, who captures many Americans and subjects them to FEMA camp purges. Social media records will be used to find potential targets. All US allies follow the same fate.
  • UN and WHO declares that "misinformation" caused world war 3 and patents all technology assets to Google, Facebook, Twitter or other tech giants (converted into UN subsidiaries), preventing alternatives such as .Win and Steemit from even emerging.

At this point, the setup is complete.

Now to the preparations.

  1. Lockdowns, Social Distancing and Masks continue to be mandated by law and not by choice. If they lock you down and/or declare an emergency, they will say it "lasts for 2 weeks" but actually lasts for 20 weeks.
  2. New variants are constantly hyped up to be "immune to vaccines"
  3. Mass, in-person gatherings are eliminated
  4. Leisure Traveling is eliminated
  5. Schools are all now virtual schools. If you cannot participate for no reason, you will be sent to a camp alongside your children
  6. Cameras on the streets can now do "PCR tests" for Covid, with a 5% rate random number generator deciding "Covid cases". Therefore, they will make over 100 cases in a single day in a place as big as Singapore.
  7. Government hires mentally unstable, jobless and hopeless youth to become "Civilian Conduct Patrols" who kill for the slightest case of civil misconduct. This can be almost anything, arranging from worshipping god, Covid Denial, criticizing the UN, "Conspiracy Theories" etc.
  8. Some no-nos cannot be mentioned at all, in real life or the internet. Such "no-nos" include Covid Denial, Holocaust Denial, criticizing the UN, denying "Ally" war efforts against the American axis or God/Allah.
  9. Religious people, if found practicing God, Allah, Buddha etc, will be immediately humiliated and killed.
  10. The average expected lifespan is 40 years old. Most people are terminally ill by 30, and infant mortality rate exceeds 70%.
  11. Mechanical infusion with humans will be used to "combat Covid". These machines include lungs and hearts at first, but will soon include arms (with gadgets to render smartphones and physical currency obsolete) and legs. The closer they are to the promised end, there will be blades, sharp teeth, prehensile/extendable claws etc. obviously built for killing. The required to exchange bodyparts such as hearts are microchipped; if the elite wants you dead, they can destroy the chip in your heart so you die. 99% of humanity will be infused with machines.

Finally, to the Great Reset proper:

  • Elite fakes death through "Mutant Zeta Covid" and hides to underground bases.
  • The isolated and insane masses, under the realization that there is "no government", resorts to kill or be killed. People had effectively became feral cannibal killers. The weakest commit suicide. The weaker prey on the weak. The strong hunt down and kill everything in sight. Cities become drenched with blood and unfunctionable as the Elite watches and laughs.
  • When 4 million feral apex predators remain, the Elite drives them out to the wilderness so they could replace humanity with "Beautiful ones" GMO warrior slaves that are unfailingly obedient to the Elite. The Elite live on forever as clones of themselves, effectively making them godly beings.

It is not a matter of when, but how.

You are on your last legs.

If everyone who knows that this is not alright stops relying on their mouths and keyboards but ACTIVELY resists Covid laws through complete noncompliance (Imagine seeing hordes of "Covid Deniers" going to a Concert in Sydney ignoring all policies and everyone else follows suit!), maybe this can all be prevented.

But at this point, they entrusted their mouths, their keyboards and their ready made opposition. They enabled MSM to create reality and Globalists to control our fate.

If this continues to happen, I fear that this future is an inevitable.

The one and only future we deserve.

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v8power 5 points ago +5 / -0

For someone who believes it is all over, you sure typed a lot.

Mrexreturns [S] -1 points ago +1 / -2

It's never over. People just need to know what to do if they know it is not okay. 2 rallies and a keyboard won't do anything.

If the people opposing Bolsheviks had been went against them, full metal and they still get culled, what makes you think that a keyboard will do anything?

The only way to prevent it is if stuff like that attack that occurred in Sydney just now, walk out more, gather with each other more. They can stop one people, but it's evident that most people there think it's not okay.

v8power 2 points ago +2 / -0

Faith in God would do some good.

deleted 1 point ago +1 / -0
Mrexreturns [S] -1 points ago +1 / -2

There was a war against the Bolsheviks

This is the point. The Bolsheviks were also minority compared to the people opposing them, despite their name.

If even this won't work, then what makes you think that 100,000,000 keyboard warriors and talking heads will?

deleted 3 points ago +3 / -0
Mrexreturns [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

I never advocated for that.

But I've talked about this before.

Example: Everyone in.Sydney ignores the lockdowns and doesn't wear a mask as they go out and do whatever they do in 2018. Everyone in South Korea and Japan follows suit. Well maybe not everyone, but 40% of the whole nationwide population (in this specific case).

This is true non-compliance, the non-compliance I am advocating for.

Gun confiscation, calls for civil war and calls for communist revolutions should be responded in the same way.

deleted 1 point ago +1 / -0
cee8hooz 2 points ago +2 / -0

You are idiot. "Keyboard warriors" ? XD Where do you see them ?! Fucking read Q (Yes,you will call me Qtard for that). Is Q disinformation campign or not - don't care,recipe for using meme and for information warfare was almost right. However majority don't give a fuck and wait for somebody coming to save them - not doing single fucking thing to fight the enemy in virtual or real space. I see no warriors here. Ok,there are maybe few people which do anything.I could count all those people on .win at my hands fingers probably...

Freedom ain't free you lazy pussies ! Unfortunately "conspiracy theories" proved itself being truth - so what can we do against it ? Information warfare - and real too if needed. But looking at counterinsurgency manual of US army and looking at history - we shall REDPILL mases. Doesn't matter Q is real and on our side or not - without support of the population no insurgency or counterinsurgency is possible

So... The plan is we do some fighting (and fighting with keyboard could be safer for now - if you are able to do it !) or we die.

What would YOU chose - to (F)ight or to (D)ie ?

Press F or D# █

clock ticks...