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I was hoping they would not go this route, but they sent out an email saying vaccinated people do not need masks, and the dirty unvaccinated must wear masks. They expect us to use the honor system, but there is an abuse hotline set up to report people not wearing the yellow star, oops I mean mask If you don’t have the right papers. They insisted they have the right to ask for proof. I guess I should learn how to fake the vaccine card officially now. I’m just grateful I live in Florida and the majority of the folks are over the mask and probably won’t report me, but we’re nationwide company and there’s a lot of mask Nazis out there.

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I now personally know 3... THREE people who have had a life-altering side effect since getting the vax, and all seem to have happened at the 10-20 day mark post-jab.

The first had a stroke caused by a blood clot in her brain. 68 years old, but with no major medical issues beforehand. She is nonverbal and can't walk now and will probably never recover... she spent 3 weeks in the hospital and rehab and she just stares into nothing. She is slowly recovering, but I don't think she will ever be the same. I see the look in here eyes, and it is of someone who wishes they had died instead. She took Pfizer.

The second was 31 years old and in extremely good health/fitness. He has to travel overseas for work so he took it, and had trouble breathing one night that got worse and worse. He finally went to the ER and they determined he had had a "mild" heart attack. He has never had any medical issues in his life. this guy was a hardcore road bike racer, and now he gets winded walking in his yard. He took J&J.

The third just happened last Friday. A co-workers daughter, who is in her early 20's is currently in ICU after having a massive stroke. I am heartbroken for him, as he tried to tell her not to get the vax, but she did anyway. I haven't heard an update today, but it does not look good. EDIT: I am not sure what she took, but it was her second shot that did it, so it was Pfizer or Moderna.


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One guy on my team was already out a month after his second jab. I’ll never get it.