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I was hoping they would not go this route, but they sent out an email saying vaccinated people do not need masks, and the dirty unvaccinated must wear masks. They expect us to use the honor system, but there is an abuse hotline set up to report people not wearing the yellow star, oops I mean mask If you don’t have the right papers. They insisted they have the right to ask for proof. I guess I should learn how to fake the vaccine card officially now. I’m just grateful I live in Florida and the majority of the folks are over the mask and probably won’t report me, but we’re nationwide company and there’s a lot of mask Nazis out there.

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Probably very easy to fake. I have read, that you need a QR code reader and writer software and a software to make your own public and private 56 bit key. Since your key is not fake, you can encode the fake information and when produce a QR code. And Switzerland is releasing an app, where you can test your selfmade QR code. Isn't that handy?

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Not easy to fake. They keep the private key they use to sign it themselves, and there is not just one key, any hospital or testing center has their own key.