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Using aliens as an excuse to unite the planet under a single government is likely a step. Us plebs will never see the "aliens" of course, only the elites. Satan is working full-time to prepare for the end of days.

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Considering how far genetics has come and that's just the stuff publicly available it isn't hard to believe that they could manufacture "real aliens" either so it could be possible that we do see them but we likely won't be allowed to do tests on them or the hoax would be found when the aliens are shown to be chimeras of earth creatures genetically.

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That genetic hybrid thing happened on Earth once before between humans and... not humans. God was so mad about it Noah had to build a boat.

See: Genesis 6

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ding ding ding. just like "childhood's end" minus the actual aliens.

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My favorite sci-fi novel!

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False information is as important as real

To paraphrase Sun Tzu

It's not what you have but what you've convinced the enemy that you have

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"Also consider this: 90+% of humans walking around have high-definition cameras on them at all times. Governments have blanket satellite coverage of the entire earth."

Neither of these things are true though. Satellites have a limited amount of the planet they can cover at any given time and though there's a lot of them there isn't enough to observe the whole world constantly in exact detail 100% of the time. Also the idea that such a huge population of humans all have quality cameras is also not true, for one thing most standard cell cameras can barely see in the dark and usually can't make out the details of something even a mile away so the cameras themselves on a fairly high end phone aren't particularly good for spotting things like UFO's. That aside not as many people across the globe have 1k dollar phones as you assume, it's mainly in western nations and some asian ones like Japan where you can expect a high degree of the population to have them but even then the more rural the area the more likely people are just gonna get cheap flip phones or old model smart phones as they don't want to waste money on things and so the cameras are even worse.

The idea by skeptics that 'everyone has a camera and cameras are better than they used to be so why's the footage bad' is very ridiculous because not as many people have great cameras on their phones like they assume and without a proper lens, zooming into something 300 or so feet away is gonna look terrible and almost none of these videos are very close to whatever is being recorded.

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IDK, there is some really good footage I’ve watched, even one caught on high-def camera during filming of some documentary. Of course that stuff isn’t what people talk about, because the discussion is most likely controlled by containment.

Stko -1 points ago +1 / -2

Isn't there cave man drawings in caves 1000s of your old of UFOs?

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Satan can take his 'alien messiah from muhh galactic empire' and cram it up his ass.

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people should stop watching gaiam tv

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Gaia tv....what a scam that is.

Mrexreturns 6 points ago +6 / -0

The Covidian false flag was to make sure people become insane and schizo enough to see aliens falling from the sky.

Burninator 4 points ago +4 / -0

UFOs will be used to allow demons into the visible world. They will come as "intelligent aliens" and be accepted by society before trying to destroy the world.

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They better do a hell of a good job faking it.. also what if other countries call the US etc out on a fake alien invasion?

I'm not buying it.. if anything it's just to ease into the idea that we have tech beyond what most humans comprehend.

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Alien hoax isn't next, but will be trotted out as a deadman switch.

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And why would we trust them now, after lying about it for so long (and that’s the least they’ve done)?

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However, UFOs are real.

They show up in religious art all over the place, from vedic to buddhist, to islamic to zoroastrian to christianity. UFOs in pre-medieval and medieval catholic art all over the place.

I've personally seen 3. One was a black dot zipping across the sky in or near hersey, pennsylvania (I was driving across the state when I saw it).

Then 2 decades later, I saw one that looked like a 99% invisible sheet of glass with water above it, rippling, or like a suspended 'sheet' of water in the air, with thin extremely faint pink laser lines like a 3D grid wireframe emanating in all directions attenuating out to the horizon, hovering silently above me.

Again I was driving. This was at the NC SC border and I reported this to MUFON and MUFON person I talked to--a retired schoolteacher--said he's gotten several reports of a similar phenomenon in that specific area and thought it was a US military secret craft. I tend to think the same thing about this one. This was the clearest thing I've seen, even though it was mostly not there. My first suspicion was hologram, given the faint laser line grid thing

A year after that, I saw 2 bright lights rotating in the sky, like stars 100x brighter, like a spotlight, and they were very high up in the sky, and far 'out' in space, and they rotated with each other and disappeared. This happened during a very intense conversation with my parents, and I thought its equally possible I was psychologically dissociating in some way adn this could be something in my head

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clarification: it wasn't above me, it was above the treeline and not moving, and it came into view as I drove past it, and then it was gone as I drove by. There wasn't any time to stop (going 65-70mph), so i got about 5 seconds look at it.

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Spoiler: It isn't, and here's the proof


I've said it once, I'll say it a million times. You kids pretending to be "UFO enthusiasts" need to watch star trek.

DavidColeIntrepid 1 point ago +1 / -0

"The probability that a UFO story is a deliberate hoax is correlative to the amount of mainstream media coverage it receives."

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Seen something odd a few years back. Flying over London. Others saw it to and its even on YouTube. Who knows what's happening