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The Serpent on a rod is the ACTUAL Greek medical symbol. The Rod of Asclepius. It's not the CDC's Caduceus, which is the symbol of Thieves and Merchants.

It's funny, because I see a lot more nasty shit about the CDC than the WHO despite the latter is even worse. I have little good to say about some globalist organization who wants to turn Japan into lesser Congo, America into greater Canaan, Malaysia into lesser Eritrea, Denmark into lesser Ghana, among other things.

Mrexreturns 1 point ago +2 / -1

The WHO is fully dedicated in the evolution of man.

The evolution of man into a half cannibal killer, that is.

If you do not stop this, your city will become something that looks like Ted's homeland (Ethopia) or Congo.

And I meant people regressing into wild animals and literally eating their own type of thing.

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We should evolve the cabal into a rope ...