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Gets better than that.

Between 1955 and 1963, the polio vaccine was NOT tested properly when manufactured. Simian Virus 40 ended up in the vaccine during that time. SV40 can cause your autoimmune system to attack your own mylenating schwann cells. In short, Multiple Sclerosis. My mother in law got her polio vaccine during that time. She has MS now.

I would be VERY interested in seeing what the demographics of ALL people with MS looks like.

Isolated_Patriot 8 points ago +8 / -0

"But we eradicated polio? Where did the blue line come from?"

Step one of breaking the brainwashing is to get past the polio-block. Every pro-vaxer's first defense is "Vaccines work! Look at polio!"

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I read somewhere that Jonas Salk testified before Congress that he regretted the vaccine bc he believed that the polio epidemic was already on a natural decline due to improved hygiene and that the vax itself was causing new cases.

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Everyone always says "Bill Gates did..." You must realize there's an entity behind bill gates. Bill gates is a figurehead.

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Leporidae 3 points ago +5 / -2

Now I like to bash Bill Gates as much as the next guy, possibly more, but it seems this graph leaves out the number of wild polio cases that were prevented because of the vaccine, since we have no way of knowing those.

mrfoos2 2 points ago +3 / -1

EXACTLY! You can't have this conversation without all proof, all statistics, all evidence, all knowledge, I'm talking at a God level going back to the beginning of time. But to support these vaccines we need only go through public education. No evidence required to support. No follow up studies. No looking at side effects. CERTAINLY wouldn't want the vaccine makers accountable for lives ruined as a result. I mean, I don't know anyone whose life was ruined so I'll just assume that billion dollar industry who just demonstrated complete control of the entire worlds infrastructures and governments is doing it all out of the goodness of their heart. Tell that OP to get outta here with that critic until he has ALL the facts (and again I mean ALL THE FACTS!) High five bro!

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Get out of here with your facts and logic!