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This post hits on a lot, but doesn't go far enough. Most of what was mentioned is downstream of the true causes, which is that every foundational philosophy that made us successful in the first place is being attacked, upended, and reversed. Philosophy is essentially the pursuit, study, and defense of truth. When you go against truth, you inevitably always fail.

There's a fairly popular differing opinion in most political threads where any of this comes up, especially in regards to those who are leading this mass foundational reversal: are these people stupid, or evil? If this was stupidity, at some point those pulling the strings would have to make a correct decision by accident, but they haven't, not once. You couldn't engineer a more perfect way to destroy society at the fundamental level than what is being done, to bring people into total destitution and reliance upon the globalists, unable to fight back. The people doing this are evil, and every action they take is with malicious intent. Sure there are some idiots out there going along with this and enforcing it because they bought into the lies, but the people at the top know what they're doing.

I'm in the process of writing 2 books detailing the core philosophical foundations of society, what we're doing wrong, what we can do to fix it, and large scale predictions that can be made based on all of the forces and effects in of such in the world. With the way things are going, there is one inevitable outcome: a lot of death, either through mass capitulation to the globalists by everyone, leading to slavery and mass democide, or balkanization and war. In either case, we're in the downward spiral, and the hilarious part is most people are still clinging to their old comforts with comments like "thank god it's 2021, 2020 sucked", not realizing it's going to keep getting worse.

There is no way out of what's coming without intervention by God, and even then it wouldn't be solved because people wouldn't learn one of the first lessons: do not abdicate your personal responsibilities and give them to others.

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Nice Post/

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Yeah, it is the White Mans fault.

First He allowed Juden in, and gave him Political Power, and the Power of Currency Creation. Next Juden convinced the West to allow Women and non whites to vote.

Then Women and Non Whites voted for more and more policy which leads to the Destruction of the West.

It all started because of the White Man. He was too lazy to build America himself, and He was too cowardly to forbid Women and Non Whites from voting.

Also, He was too stupid to mantain Currency Creation him self, and too selfish , accepting many bribes from the Juden Central bankers.

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Nonwhites should be allowed to vote.

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Yeah, in their own Regions.

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Please don't be ridiculous -- you're dragging conservatism down.

Additionally, NO ONE should be "allowed" to vote, as we need to reinstitute monarchies.

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I don't disagree about the Monarchy necessarily, but I would like to see very small Monarchies.

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I hate to admit it but Trump seems like a big contributor to the obesity. Not a good example for the commander in chief to be eating McDonald's and drinking coke all day. Not a fan of Biden or Obama, but hopefully their healthy life styles influence our citizens.

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Narcissism is the cancer that has killed society. The pursuit of the self has destroyed the collective.

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This is often attributed to capitalism, but it actually is an effect of mass media and advertising, which are more recent than capitalism, but "capitalism" as a contrast to "communism" or "community" is a false dichotomy here as well. Frugal and extremely community-minded Quakers were the first capitalists in the modern sense. The pursuit of the self is also a somewhat misleading term, because pursuit of happiness is a hallmark of the constitution and made America great. Narcissism, CONSUMER hedonism and "just push the button" ruined society. I think it is important to point that out, because technology does not necessarily turn you into a slob, and neither does hedonism or capitalism. It is the manufacturers' advertising and race to the bottom of the smallest common denominator, competition in artificial creation of questionable desires and commercially hypnotic worship of status- and education-surrogates that do that.

I guess you can have a healthy society of space-faring Amish (who are NOT luddites, apparently), even a hedonistic healthy high-tech society like early modern France. It is the contempt for literacy and diligence in favor of electronic media and "just push the button" advertising that got us into the mess. Europe is not any better, btw., perhaps worse off, because competitive tech is essentially dead in Europe.

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Selfish pricks ruin everything for everyone. No one on the planet needs a billion dollars. It's disgusting.

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I agree with most of that. Start getting mentally ready for the collapse and what you can do to lead people forward following that. Hopefully now that this is happening in the information era, we will finally carry with us the lesson that multicultural societies do not work and just degenerate into this Tower of Babel-like condition, and nobody will be able to fool a populace into trying this dead-end approach again.

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That is bullshit. People of different races can live in harmony in a society. The only way thats possible is if all the racial communities actually contribute and organize themselves efficiently.

If everyone is aspiring for the improvement of themselves and the family, society wouldnt have problems.

But thats not the case....

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yes, obviously that's not happening, but I don't think you're being honest with yourself about why it's not.

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You need to get the fuck off the internet. There are no shortage of great folks out there, but when you read the news everything sounds apocalyptic due to the sensationalism. If you want to hide in your room instead of going out and finding passionate folks doing fun and creative things, good luck, but this is a fucking amazing country if you get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to improve on your weaknesses. No one is going to hold your hand, you do it on your own.

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Very well written post. This will not stop with the west.

We are working against very powerful people that have the stated goal of destroying the world as we know it, depopulating the planet by 90% and enslaving humanity. All of the things I have outlined here are part of this plan.

You are absolutely correct. With the so-called Covid hysteria it's become more than clear that most people have zero rational thougth and counciousness. There is no way we can win this battle with this level of gullibility in the world. I am not optimistic, the neo-communist invasion of tyhe USA, Canada, Australia, etc is just the beginning.

Gender confusion is a byproduct of all this shit in our food, water and air fucking with our children as they develop.

This is also intentional, you just have to think like a complete psycopath and come up with ideas on how to depopulate the world, and suddenly it all makes sense.

People will do whatever the latest trend and fad tells them to. It could be toxic, ridiculous, psycothic, doesn't matter. Masks are now a fashion item, and covid a meme; and people love it. Look at how some people are begging for more restrictions and police already breaking into homes because of some facebook posts. People are loving it.

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A lot of it comes down to the biggest financial crime in human history, and what the criminals responsible for it are willing to do to cover up their crime: https://www.unz.com/article/one-third-of-american-workers-pay-is-being-stolen-heres-how/

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Welcome to the globalists' endgame. What we are seeing now is the producy of 100 years of progressive subversion.

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Damn it! It reeks of doomers in here!

Filthy stench. You guys need to get yourselves cleaned up and tidy because Lady Freedom won't bother giving you her time with the way you look.

Yeah we fighting against forces that have been here for a long time and they have been coordinating against us.

But there are ways to contribute! There are ways to fight back! Open up a small business. Make a local MAGA Busines Association and work with other MAGA businesses big or small. Buy only products from MAGA companies and go to MAGA restuarants. It might mean to pay a bit more but its a way to keep the money flow within MAGA communities.

Come on. Don't stray to the dark side.

Action will keep you from dooming.

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I agree and also want to add that life isnt nearly as bad as the news and internet wants people to believe. Shut all that shit off, even if for just one day, because the world and nature are full of beautiful things.

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Hey man, family's been gone for years. Should have expected it.

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It’s being murdered. Fast Food Nation, The Fluoride Deception, Dissolving Illusions are interesting books about some of the methods.

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I've looked into all 3 of those upon seeing your post. 2 of them have 1/2 hour videos interviewing the authors. I'll watch those for sure. I knew fast food and fluoride were shit for your health for quite awhile. The vaccines doesn't surprise me. I didn't realize there was blowback against it back in the early last century.

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Nothing has changed I bet, just more poor people have shit, I bet there are still plenty of decent families out there it’s just ratioed. Peasants have always existed in some form. Do better for yourself and don’t be one.

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You summed up my thoughts well.

As the years go on we will get more dumb as a planet and more unhealthy. Then the Government will stop lending a hand to the needy. The dollar collapses. We beg to China and they say we own everything and we'll help you Americans out.

Just hope there is a great afterlife. For all I know we could be in hell right now and dying is just a part of it where we end up in darkness with no thoughts.

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I agree that it’s a spiritual battle. Their goal is the destruction of Western Civilization. We’re more resilient than it would appear, I think/hope. Not all the infrastructure, but the Judeo-Christian culture.

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can the text editor respect more than 1 carriage return?

or at least style paragraphs to have more top & bottom padding?

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