The Bad Guys™ are bad guys, the Good Guys™ are bad guys, and everything devolves into a shitty distraction theater. Anything truly good, gets burried in the cycle.

We're being played, hard.

And why are they playing so hard? It must be because the crime they are commiting is so big.

All this crazy shit in the news, will someday seem like nothing. The people responsible, treat it like nothing. There's gotta be something huge out there.


The place is crawling with them. I messaged another user to see if the feds got to his posts or he deleted them and I'm waiting on a reply, but I'm thinking the feds got to his posts.

A lot of these fed accounts are old too. It reminded me of the sleeper accounts the redditors had in the early days of the website. The sleeper accounts were three months old, so they didn't look like new accounts. These are older and more active. They lose their shit easily too. They want NO pushback.

Edit: Got the reply. The mods deleted the posts. They are coming for us.


What would an emergency reset back to the start of America look Iike to preserve freedom?

Obviously we’d have to make a concession on the slaves thing, which no one except that one group wants.

But no more welfare or senseless government officials like fauci


Where's the evidence? Did you know that he actually DENIED responsibility in the weeks afterward? Have you ever heard of a jihadist terrorist who denies responsibility for an attack they actually carried out?

Here's a CNN report from the days after 9/11 in which they read a statement by Bin Laden denying any involvement in the attack.

The only "evidence" I could find of him admitting it is a video released years later in which the audio doesn't even match his lips moving.

The same people who tell you that a guy in a cave brought down 3 skyscrapers at freefall speed also tell you that COVID definitely didn't come from that Wuhan lab. We're living in 1984.

What a timeline. (
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What do you guys know about it? Was it a coverup? Recently been looking into it.. would like to know what you guys have drummed up about it over time.

Only Feds (
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