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No conflict of intrests, as always (media.conspiracies.win)
posted ago by Beastie ago by Beastie

Can someone verify, I'm noticing my comments on anything else are publicly displayed when I see the video outside my acc, but if I mention vaccines or antarctica, it doesn't.

Can anyone test this?

So uh... (media.conspiracies.win)
posted ago by axolotl_peyotl ago by axolotl_peyotl

If I were running this shit show, and I had a group of anti-vax holdouts that would never submit to taking the jab, I would have to find an alternate method for getting the poison into their system. I would probably do something crazy, like require unjabbed to take a test where we skull fuck them with a qtip covered in the same poison we put in our vaccines. They'll think they are holding out when they take the test instead of the jab, but they are both fucked. We make sure to really scrape the poisoned qtip all over the back of their throat so that we can get some of it into the blood.

This will also help us claim that both jabbed and unjabbed are suffering from the new "Mystery Illnesses" that appear in 2022, so it couldn't be the vaccine. Of course, we'll need to put out some new mandates to increase the frequency of the tests. We'll make testing a requirement for domestic travel, school, work, public transit, etc. One way or another, we'll get this shit into you.

--Larping as an elitist bastard.


So i read a post on reddit conspiracy some times ago.


Since linking is autoremoved by youtube at most channels, i tried to say go search for "Fort Detrick is epicenter of COVID-19 Pandemic" And it automaticly getting removed by Youtubes algorithm on the skynews, news channel!

Why would youtube directly remove that exactly Phase?

I tried different way of write it, and its only exactly that phase that it autoremove? Why are we not allowed to talk about fort Detricks lockdown in 2019 and Michigan had covid in 2019? WHY?

Same why are we not allowed to talk about Italy had covid in 2019 also! ?

But we have to understand it came in 2020....


SSI in Denmark (like CDC) made a study on the Covid patients, they check around 9500 people, 524 people died, but only 24 of those had no underlying illness.



Its in Danish but ill google translate it for you guys. (if their is other danish people in here they can confirm )

Article in English :

"The probability of dying from covid-19 is very small if one does not already suffer from chronic diseases.

This is the conclusion in a report from the Statens Serum Institut (SSI), which has mapped the course of the disease for 9,519 Danes who have been diagnosed with covid-19.

Out of 524 registered deaths at the end of the report, only 24 people did not suffer from known chronic diseases in advance.

Reimar Thomsen, chief physician at Aarhus University Hospital and part of the expert group that has reviewed the Danish covid-19 patients, tells DR Nyheder that this does not necessarily mean that the 24 were completely disease-free.

"You can not say that the 24 people have failed nothing. They may well have had a chronic illness or severe obesity, it just has not been to a degree that has led to hospital contact or medication in the past, "he says.

The so-called risk group - people who are at greater risk of covid-19 disease - has been much talked about during the corona crisis. In recent times, researchers have become wiser about which diseases are included in the risk group.

The weekend newspaper wrote on April 24 that the preliminary statements from France showed that 83 percent of the intensive care units were overweight. In the UK, it was over 73 per cent. In the United States, where about 40 percent of the population is overweight, it is the primary underlying factor for covid-19 patients under 50 years of age.

It is now also clear that the disease has a skewed impact on ethnicities, as there is apparently an over-representation of citizens of other ethnic origins who have been admitted with coronavirus at Hvidovre Hospital. According to SSI, citizens with a non-Western background make up 18 percent of those covid-19-infected, despite accounting for nine percent of the population.

SSI's survey of the 9,519 Danes shows that serious illness most often occurs in people who are older.

Three out of four of the dead were over 75 years old and 82 percent have had more than one prior illness.

As a result of a political agreement that the government and the other parties in the Folketing entered into on 15 May, the risk group can stay at home and at the same time receive a salary or unemployment benefit if it is too risky to go to work."


They will divert energy either to funnel energy to some sort of weapon system or for the production of antigrav ships and the whole western coalition is going to try to storm antarctica.

Operation Highjump was about preventing the germans setting up base and fortifying with their new tech and the western enterprise is so dull and ridiculous that it took them a fucking century to reverse enginner this to try to make a stand against the antarctica stronghold. That's why they are drilling antarctica, that's why they are preparing the population of the north hemisphere for blackouts. I still don't know how vak-seens tie with all this, but I'm sure it does.

Shit's gonna go down and it starts tomorrow.

Buckle up, as uncle Clif High said: Sci-Fi World is here...

Honk (media.conspiracies.win)
posted ago by pkvi ago by pkvi
tHiS pOsT iS lOcKeD (media.conspiracies.win)
posted ago by axolotl_peyotl ago by axolotl_peyotl

change my mind

...you cannot!

the history of the deep state, new world order, the illuminati, sabbati zevi, freemasonry, jesuits, all of this....

...it's the TRUE history of the world

Everything on discovery channel or TLC or NBCABCCBSCNNFOX.....it's all lies

100% lies

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