The events of September 11, 2001 evoke the entire range of human emotion. To say that 9/11 is a divisive topic would be quite the understatement, and this couldn't be more evident than when assessing the 9/11 Truth community itself.

Infighting has created an environment where discussing the pros and cons of each theory generally arouses the ire of some faction of the alternative research community.

Memes aside, the official jet fuel/pancake theory is generally considered to be nonsense by 9/11 "truthers".

In the nearly 16 years since the event, the 9/11 truth movement has evolved into four main camps with regards to the mechanism of the murder weapon.

Broadly speaking, these camps can be qualified as follows: a) Standard controlled demolition; b) So-called "nano-thermite"; c) Mini-nukes or other unconventional nuclear weaponry; d) Exotic or "Directed Energy" weaponry.

There's a reason why the debate is so heated, for not only was 9/11 a horrific crime, but establishing the mechanism of the murder weapon is a huge clue. The question of "who did it" is inextricably linked to the questions of "what happened?" and "how was it done?"

Can the various hypotheses of the mechanisms of their collapse be harmonized? Were the same parties involved in the use of these mechanisms? Or do different mechanisms signal the involvement of different groups, perhaps in conflict?

Stepping back for a moment, it's important to consider the many striking parallels between 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination:

  1. They were both used to remake American foreign and domestic policy, especially the normalization of war

  2. They involved clear examples of "security stripping" (which on 9/11 extended to the entire country)

  3. Both events were analyzed by independent investigators who uncovered a vast architecture of conspiracy involving many factional interests, each with the means, motive and opportunity

  4. Both have indications of successful coup d'états

  5. Suspicious financial activity surrounded them, especially on 9/11, indicating prior knowledge

  6. They each involve ominous connections to a sort of nebulous post-war "Fascist International"

  7. The events are surrounded with occult symbolic content, suggesting they were rituals and vast social engineering works

Not only is the MO of the perpetrators essentially the same, the organizational structures behind both are the same, indicating that the "latter event was the logical end of the former."

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the more prevalent theory that was being formulated was the "let it happen on purpose" (LIHOP) hypothesis. The idea was that the US government knew of the operation in advance, then used it to project military power into the Middle East and enact draconian legislation.

Over time, increasing evidence led to the rise of another theory, the "made it happen on purpose" (MIHOP) hypothesis. This theory held that at the first level of the op were the terrorists, who were simply patsies used by a second level, which could potentially involve rogue elements within the American military and intelligence agencies.

For example, numerous military drills were taking place on 9/11 that involved hijacked airliners being used for attacks on American targets. To say this unfortunate timing led to increased confusion on that day is a vast understatement, and proponents of the MIHOP hypothesis note that the probability that the terrorists planned it that way was vanishingly small without some connection to a rogue network in the American national security structure.

Many contenders have been suggested for this rogue network, notably the Project for a New American Century, which had determined that a "new Pearl Harbor" (a term later used by George W. Bush) would be needed to galvanize public opinion for a prolonged presence in the Middle East.

The Late Michael Ruppert viewed 9/11 as "the most significant event in human history: the end of the age of oil", and many researchers agree that oil was a significant geopolitical motivation behind the attack.

Author Laurent Guyenot takes it further by suggesting that 9/11 was about more than just oil and terrorism, it was a pretext for the American militarization of the planet. David Ray Griffin notes the dramatic change in Presidential rhetoric after the attack: it had become a metaphysical conflict that was "a monumental struggle of Good versus Evil."

Peter Levenda argues that 9/11 functions as the sanctioning event for state sponsored paranoia:

The citizens are not allowed to become paranoid unless it is at government direction and sanction. Individual cases of paranoia are frowned upon. The state tells us that if we are not paranoid the way it is paranoid--and about the same things--it's because we don't have all the facts...the logical conclusion of all this paranoia is suspicion of the state apparatus itself.

For Levenda and other researchers like S.K. Bain, 9/11 was a ceremonial magical ritual sacrifice of massive scale, and can be viewed as a grimoire for magical operations.

In between the extremes of these interpretations--9/11 for oil and 9/11 as ritual magical cosmological struggle of good vs. evil--the attack was also was a financial crime of high order. E.P. Heidner suggests that 9/11 was meant to cover up a vast fraudulent financial system.

When taken at face value, these theories imply 9/11 was more than a terrorist false-flag op. It was a multi-layered op which accomplished several objectives at once by those with detailed inside financial, political and occult knowledge.

The Third Level

Webster Griffin Tarpely was among the first to suggest that a possible third layer was involved that day, beyond the "rogue element" of the LIHOP and MIHOP scenarios.

For Tarpley, the MIHOP hypothesis "represents the analytical point of view which sees the events of 9/11 as a deliberate provocation manufactured by an outlaw network of high officials infesting the military and security apparatus of the US and Great Britain, a network ultimately dominated by Wall Street and City of London financiers."

Although a natural development of the 9/11 Truth movement, after a few years the LIHOP hypothesis became increasingly at war with masses of evidence, as it simply couldn't address the absence of air defense for one hour and forty-five minutes, nor the incredible destruction of the towers.

Even the Bush-Cheney MIHOP position is mostly untenable, as although they may have had limited knowledge or even a planning role, they likely weren't involved at the top of even level two.

Tarpley and others believe 9/11 was a coup d'état, a false flag event of state-sponsored synthetic terror designed to unleash the clash of civilizations:

The goal was to shock the entire US political system and the public in general out of their inertia of normal everyday life into a kind of war psychosis and paranoid obsession with phantom threats agreeable to the outlook of the neocon faction.

Joseph P. Farrell speculates that this third layer is entirely fascist, and international in scope. The well-documented connection of various intelligence agencies (ie the CIA, KGB, GRU) to international criminal undergrounds and their trafficking networks allows agencies a significant source of income free from oversight for covert ops and black projects, and it also provides them with a means of monitoring those criminal organizations and in turn providing them with an independent internationally-extensive source of intelligence.

IOW, post-WII, the Fascist and Nazi elites were connected with these underground criminal organizations, and liaised with the similarly-minded rogue elements within various nations' deep states. This certainly included the American financial and business interests that shared the same basic Fascist ideology.

For both parties, this was a post-war marriage of convenience, and from that point of view, 9/11 may have been the announcement of a divorce.

The detailed planning of 9/11 had to have come at some point from within the American national security and military structure (level 2). Tarpley highlights the significant number of wargaming exercises and drills occurring that day and how the cover of these drills provided confusion in the command and control structure.

Global Guardian was one such drill that involved all of America's strategic nuclear and thermonuclear arsenal: ICBMs, SLBMs, nuclear bombers, and the "Doomsday/Night Watch/Looking Glass flying command posts."

It also involved airbases that house hydrogen bombs, including Barksdale in Louisiana and Offut in Omaha, Nebraska. As it happens, President Bush flew to both bases on 9/11 after leaving Florida.

Tarpley notes that on 9/11 at Offut were some interesting characters, including Warren Buffet and General Brent Scowcroft...a potential "Committee of Public Safety". This group converged at the command HQ of US strategic nuclear forces as a potential element of a coup-d'état, necessitating that Bush be personally present to reassert control over America's nuclear forces:

Thus, on the morning of 9/11, before a single hijacking had been reported, the US had assumed a strategic nuclear posture comparable to that observed during the Cuban missile crisis: B-1 and B-52 bombers were in the air; ballistic missile submarines were at their launch points, presumably near Russia and possibly China, and land-based ICBMs were ready for launch.

The air defenses of North America were also on high alert, both in terms of interceptor aircraft and space assets. Everything, in short, was ready for a nuclear first strike like the neocons have talked so much about in recent years. All of this was observed in real time from Moscow by General Leonid Ivashov and his colleagues of the Russian General Staff.

It is highly significant that Bush's 9/11 flight itinerary included both Barksdale and Offut, two US nuclear command centers which were part of Global Guardian. Global Guardian was a massive exercise in nuclear blackmail.

But how does this constitute a coup d'état? And why would Bush need to have reasserted control over the nuclear command structure by his personal presence at Barksdale and Offut?

Tarpley also describes how the Global Guardian Computer Network Attack exercise that occurred on 9/11 was designed to simulate a cyber attack on STRATCOM's computer network command control structure by using denial of service attacks and other means.

A bad insider could easily have flipped the drill to "live" status by being a plant or mole for "some other organization" and thus missiles might actually have been launched. Here was the invisible government's back door to worldwide thermonuclear escalation, if that had been necessary, on 9/11.

This suggests a three-tiered op, with the deepest layer penetrating the second, and threatening it with blackmail by compromising the command and control structure.


"Directed Energy Weapons" refer to any number of types of unconventional and exotic weaponry.

The full range of these weapons is classified information, so no attempts will be made to distinguish between categories within the realm of energy weapons, as doing so would imply specific knowledge of all that are available.

In addition, no claim is be made about whether the directed energy weapon operates from a space-, air-, or ground-based platform, nor are any claims made about whether or not it involves sound waves, antimatter weapons, scalar weapons, a facility like HAARP, etc.

However, the evidence appears consistent with the use of energy weapons that go well beyond the capabilities of conventional explosives.

Wikipedia article on Directed-Energy Weapons

Although speculation about DEWs on 9/11 began shortly after the event, one of the first scientists with relevant credentials to publicly propose the DEW hypothesis was Dr. Judy Wood, a former professor of mechanical engineering.

The following material is largely from her book Where Did the Towers Go?, as well as from her old and new websites.

Where Did the Towers Go?

I. 9/11 Enigmas

II. New Nomenclature

III. Hurricane Erin & the Hutchison Effect

IV. Stars Wars & Psyops


Source: The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual

Why are the flight numbers on 9/11 important?


...and what do they have to do with "the wickedest man in the world", Aleister Crowley?

If I ever had a doubt about the ritualistic nature of 9/11 (and the sheer degree of planning that went into it), I couldn't be more convinced now.

The Twin Towers, the Twin Pillars of Hercules, the Gemini of astrology, Jachin and Boaz of Freemasonry (with the "Salomon's" Temple Building 7 accompanying them)...were they constructed with the foreknowledge that they would be brought down in a fiery sacrificial cataclysm?

So what does this have to do with the infamous Aleister Crowley? And what does the number 11 have do with all of this?

In Crowley's own words: the number 11 is "the number of Magick in itself [and] therefore suitable to all types of operation. [It is] the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon [the Aeon of Horus, Crowley's name for the new age, with himself as the prophet, of course.]"

What better way to start a Mega-Ritual on the 11th day of September (111 days before the end of the year) than to have Flight 11 crash into the tower on the 93rd floor (the significance of that number will become apparent, if it isn't already).

And the second plane? Flight 175 would soon smash into the 77th floor of the other tower. We'll get to the 77, but for now what's the significance of 175?

Since we're in the realm of Crowley, let's see what he had to say about 175.

"There are three main methods of invoking any Deity...The 'First Method' consists of devotion to that Deity...a perfect instruction exists in Liber 175. This is the book of uniting to a particular Deity by devotion."

Here's the Wikipedia page for the Libri of Crowley. Note that 175 says "On uniting oneself to a Deity."

Before you start to think this is getting way too esoteric, I'll give you three guesses as to which Deity was being invoked (and the first two don't count).

Again in Crowley's own words: "I was not content to believe in a personal devil and serve him, in the ordinary sense of the word. I wanted to get hold of him personally and become his chief of staff."

So, is there an unusual event that might give us an idea which Deity was invoked when 175 supposedly hit the tower?

If you recall what the Commander in Thief at the time was doing, well then it should become painfully obvious.

The moment the 2nd plane hit the tower George W. Bush was reading "The Pet Goat" in Sarasota, Florida, strangely enough just 10 miles away from Venice, the location of the flight school Mohamed Atta and another "hijacker" trained at. What a coincidence!

This "reading" of The Pet Goat was essentially a "Black Mass", a "satirical ceremony, a Commander-in-Chief that wouldn't leave his seat until the reading of a story about a pet goat was completed ("I read this book that I may study the nature of my Deity,") during which time hundreds of his fellow Americans were in harm's way, many of them meeting horrific ends as they burned alive or plunged to their deaths from the towers ("Yet also may he deliberately practise cruelties")--conjuring the image of The Tower tarot card--all taking place in..."Paradise," the city of Sarasota's unofficial yet widely-used nickname. Well How about that?"

For those who still are unsure what Deity was being invoked, here's an image that may give you a hint.

If you still think all of this is a stretch, hang on, it gets better (or worse, depending on how you look at it)!

AA77 was supposedly piloted by an individual who, according to one of his instructors, "could not fly at all." And yet he was able to pull off an incredible stunt, and instead of attacking several more strategic points in the Pentagon, he just so happened to choose the very wing were the DoD's accounting division was located...and conveniently enough Donald Rumsfeld had announced the day before the attacks they they couldn't account for $2.3 trillion in transactions. The records of this and interest in this announcement all but disappeared after the attacks.

Is there significance to the number 77? You bet your occult-deciphering ass there is.

A∴A∴ is a magical order that was created by Crowley in 1907. Here's their seal.

AA77 anyone???????

From The Book of Lies: "7, the septenary; 11, the magical number; 77, the manifestation, therefore, of the septenary. Through matter, because 77 is written in Hebrew Ayin Zayin (OZ), and He-Goat, the symbol of matter, Capricornus, the Devil of the Tarot; which is the picture of the Goat of the Sabbath upon an altar.

Black Mass anyone?

Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, lists 77 "infernal names" of the "Gods and Goddesses of the Royal Palace of Hell."

It gets better: the Pentagon, which is 77 feet tall, is located on the 77th meridian west!. Oh and George H.W. Bush, who first announced his plans for a "New World Order" on September 11th, 1990 (11 years before...well shit this is just getting too obvious), well daddy Bush was...77 at the time of the attacks.

For the record, I'm not demonizing any of these numbers. Symbols can be used for good or evil, I don't believe a number can be inherently "evil." After all, "Symbols don't kill people; people with symbols kill people."

Any more 77's we can add to this already overbearing occult script? You bet.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the "mystery plane" that was spotting in New York and above the Pentagon during the attacks. The plane has since been identified as the E-4B, a highly secretive and advanced plane also referred to as the "Doomsday Plane".

A FOIA request finally got more information from the FAA in 2008 about this extremely unusual plane that should not have been there (unless it piloting the attack aircraft by remote control, but that opens a whole new can of worms. The call sign of this plane that was spotted above the Pentagon during the attack? VENUS77!

For those that are astrologically-minded, the conjunctions of the planet Venus against the Zodiac form a pentagram!...Venus invokes the pentagram (plenty of information available on this with a simple online search).

So Flight 77 eliminates Rummy's dirty laundry (along with anyone else who knew too much) by hitting the 77-foot tall Pentagon (with 7 floors!), on the 77th meridian west, while the Doomsday Plane, call sign Venus77 (Pentagram 77!) circles above. Oh, and flight 175, the plane that evoked the "Deity", hit the 77th floor.

And what about that final number? Flight 11 hit floor 93...the final fateful flight that day was...drumroll...flight 93!

For those who are familiar with Crowley, this 4th flight is by far the easiest to associate with the diabolical individual.

In fact, there's an entire Wikipedia page on the importance of the number 93 to Crowley and his religious philosophy Thelema. In fact, Thelemites ofter greet each other with "93" or will sign correspondences with "93/93" at the end. Flight 93...flight AA11 crashes into the 93rd floor...is this starting to make more or less sense?

There is a great deal of information out their on Building 7 as well, including it essentially being an occult-Masonic construct (Salomon building anyone?). It's 47 stories and trapezoidal shape can attest to that (the 47th Problem of Euclid, also known as the Pythagorean Theorem, "represents a perfect symbol of Freemasonry").

There is of course a whole new can of worms to open with respect to the astrological importance of the 9/11 Mega-Ritual, but there is far too much information on this topic to delve into here, as this is already becoming long-winded.

However, more information can be found in this well-made series of Youtube videos. In a nutshell, Saturn and Pluto achieved a position of powerful opposition on September 11th, 2001 (they are both considered to be "Lords of Death). Any astrologer can tell you that this alignment does not bode well for the people on Earth.

Whether or not you believe in astrology is irrelevant...what is relevant is that TPTB do believe in this stuff and they flaunt it in our faces because they can.

For those of you who have been studying these occult scripts, it should come as no surprise that Sirius would get dragged into this mess as well.

From "The Most Dangerous Book": "Today's Coptic calendar (also called the Alexandrian calendar) is based on the ancient Egyptian calendar and is still used in Egypt, and also by the Coptic Orthodox Church. The first month of the year is named Thout, after Thoth, and thus the first day of the New Year is the 1st of Thout. On the Gregorian calendar, this date coincides with September 11th--so that date is not only New Year's Day, but, more importantly, it is the symbolic, or observed, date of Sirius' heliacal rising."

Of course, the precession of the equinoxes has shifted this a bit, and today that date has shifted 45 days...now the heliacal rising of Sirius occurs on August 5th.

You'll never guess which date both the Statue of Liberty (really an homage to both Isis and Lucifer) and the Twin Towers were "initiated"...August 5th! (Oh, and the Pentagon was initiated in a Masonic ceremony on September 11th 1941.)

The occult importance of Sirius is beyond the scope of this post, but just trust me that it's important! Did TPTB do anything to associated the event with the word "Sirius?" You betcha.

Do a search for 9/11 and Sirius and you'll find that the only K-9 (K=11...11-9...9-11...maybe I need to slow down a bit) who died on that fateful day was named.......SIRIUS. Sirius was dog number 17...17 is The Star in the Tarot...which according to occultists depicts the star of SIRIUS. cough.

If you think it's overkill that they would name and sacrifice a dog merely to add another layer to their occult script, well then you still don't really get how these events work. The more symbolism they cram into the rituals, the more powerful the ritual becomes.

For more information on the occult significance of the numbers and astrology behind the events of 9/11, I recommend this article and this interview with the other of another book on this topic: "Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order".


7 years ago

Big Pharma and Corporate Media Team Up for Pro-Vaccine Propaganda: The latest propaganda push comes not from the medical industry, but from an organization usually more focused on the spread of globalism and other governmental policies, the Council on Foreign Relations.

Latest vaccine propaganda comes from the CFR: The "Council on Fake Realities" recently released a map of vaccine "preventable" outbreaks. The truth is that they've mapped vaccine created outbreaks. Do not trust the CFR's propaganda.

More bullshit vaccine propaganda on the front page...they've really been ramping it up recently.

Front page vaccine propaganda continues: Misleading TIL post and top comments blame the failure of the Lyme disease vaccine on "anti-vaccination lobbying groups." Finally, a few have noticed the article is not actually claiming that.

Bullshit vaccine propaganda at the top of /r/videos. The recent pertussis outbreaks have been shown to be caused by faulty vaccines: "Scientists say the problem of surging whooping cough cases has more to do with flaws in the current vaccines than with parents’ resistance."

6 years ago

Front page vaccine propaganda has become the rule, not the exception

Remember the good old days before "polio" was reclassified to hide the fact the vaccine was making the disease worse? (Response to the outrageous vaccine propaganda on the front page)

ALEC Behind Recent Push for Mandatory Vaccination: The reality is that the leftists are the biggest dupes in the vaccine game.

CDC claims “swine flu” infected 60 million Americans. “Well, they caught us lying about thousands of Swine Flu cases. All the tests came back negative, so what do we do? Tell a lie so huge it’ll paralyze the mind. People buy the biggest lies.”

Vaccine McCarthyism: What if the Vaccine Paradigm itself is Deliberately Flawed? It is time for a national debate to end vaccine madness.

New White House Petition Calls for Higher Health Insurance Rates for Families Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Children

UK’s Independent Newspaper Blows Lid Off Vaccine Damages: Big Pharma’s vaccines are harmful, do not prevent disease and actually cause the very diseases they're supposed to be preventing.

Ebola hoax: The numbers game. They manipulative the numbers to produce the greatest degree of fear and compliance. Then they introduce the vaccine or the drug, they lower the numbers, and say, “We won. We beat the virus with the vaccine.”

MSM to Pro-Vaxxers: Don't Argue the Facts, Show Scary Pictures!

200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT to Vaccinate

5 years ago

Zika Hysteria: The 4,180 cases of microcephaly originally reported has turned into just 270. Of those 270 cases, only 6 have been confirmed to have the Zika virus. SIX. There is ZERO evidence that Zika is causing anything here.

Zika freaka: Of the 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly in the whole country (not 4,180 as originally claimed), only 17 “have a relationship” to the Zika virus. They’ve got nothing. No epidemic, no viral cause.

Scientist who destroyed the "influenza" propaganda targets Paxil. No correction, no retraction, no apology, no comment: Paxil trial reanalysis raises questions about institutional responsibility

4 years ago

Response to /r/videos: DON'T give your child the dangerous and ineffective pertussis vaccine

Pro-vaxxer logic: The complexity of the vaccine debate can be easily distilled into memes and metaphors resulting in negligible intelligent and informed discourse.

Ebola & Zika Went Away Without Vaccines, Yet Big Pharma Still Rakes in Billions

3 years ago

Basic Vaccine Lies in the World of Fake News: The mainstream press, with non-stop pro-vaccination propaganda, is colluding with the medical establishment and governments to silence critics. The press is fake news. We who point out fatal flaws in vaccination are actual news.

/r/pics goes full vaccine propaganda

2 years ago

The Pro-Vaccine Propaganda on Reddit Has Reached Unprecedented Levels: Blind, unquestioning subservience to the criminal Medical Cartel is a major aspect of their control grid, and complete trust in vaccines represents one of the pillars of this tyranny. BRIGADED THREAD

The Pro-Vaxxer Propaganda on Reddit Is Deafening: /r/conspiracy is the last significant sub that allows any actual discussion on this topic, and they are attacking us with everything they've got. Every thread that exposes their propaganda is ruthlessly brigaded by hate/disinfo subs.

I hope you all are noticing/documenting the unprecedented onslaught of pro-vaxxer propaganda on reddit's front page

Pro-Vaxxer Propaganda Hits #1 on /r/all: "Anti-vaxxers" are getting blamed for the failures of the faulty and unsafe measles vaccine

Pro-Vaxxer Propaganda in Overdrive: Why is a non-story about "rebellious" Australian teenagers getting their vaccines #1 on /r/worldnews right now?

Pro-Vaxxer propaganda is now a daily occurrence on the front page of reddit.../r/todayilearned joins the fray

Pushing Pertussis: Here are some facts to counter the pro-vaxxer whooping cough propaganda

Italy bans unvaccinated children from schools: They have us embracing tyranny with open arms

Pro-Vaxxer Logic: "GlaxoSmithKline admitted to lying about the dangers of Paxil, leading to an epidemic of child suicides," takes breath, "but if you question the safety of their vaccines, you're an anti-science fuckwit that needs to fuck off and die!"

A response to the latest Big Pharma-funded study allegedly disproving the link between vaccines and autism

Bayer, Death and the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic: Aspirin overdose was responsible for the high mortality rates, not the "virulence" of the influenza virus. Don't let pro-vaccine propagandists cite this incident as justification for the dangerous and ineffective flu "vaccine".

No More “Wild Measles,” Only Vaccine Genotypes? How can the non-vaccinated be spreading measles IF there is no “wild measles” or; are non-vaccinated persons being infected by newly-measles-vaccinated vaccinees during a month-long vaccine shedding process?

South Park Talks Vaccines: With the whole world watching due to show's "defiance" of China, the 300th episode was almost entirely about the vaccine debate. Let's talk about it.

Robert F. Kennedy-produced "Vaxxed II: The People's Truth" hits theaters, and the pro-vaccine propaganda machine has been activated

WikiHow goes insane with vaccine propaganda, teaches children how to “get vaccinated in secret” by scheming against “anti-vaxxer” parents, claiming that anti-vaccine parents might “abuse you if they learned that you disobeyed them.”


We're witnessing a coordinated effort to whip up coronavirus hysteria on /r/conspiracy. Threads and comments calling for skepticism are being severely brigaded. It is not organic.

And Then They Came For the Anti-Vaxxers: Top thread on /r/news says you're a "threat" if you question the vaccine paradigm. The last decade of increasingly unhinged vaccine propaganda on the front page of reddit has been by design.

Coronavirus Hype As Economic Warfare & Occult Ritual: We are experiencing one of the most significant propaganda efforts of the modern era. Is China (or someone) engaging in a massive psychological warfare operation? [REMOVED BY REDDIT ADMINS]

Cognitive Dissonance vs. Common Sense: Any thread questioning the efficacy of continued lockdowns is swarmed with forum sliding and logical fallacies. Unquestioning obedience to the lockdown is a key ingredient in propping up the coronavirus mega-ritual.

The masks are a dry run for mandatory vaccination. We are being aggressively conditioned for medical dystopia.

The vaccine industry is the single most dangerous tool of the tyrannical "elite" because of the sheer amount of propaganda and brainwashing involved. I've made it my mission to warn humanity of the plan to subjugate the planet via a staged pandemic with the genocidal Big Pharma posing as the savior.

How the Pandemic Illusion Is Built: The virus fairy tale always functions as a cover story for government, corporate and medical crimes. The only difference this time is the weight of the lies.

Swine Flu was a Hoax. Ebola was a Hoax. Zika was a Hoax. If you're jumping on the coronavirus hysteria train, you're not paying attention.

The Swine Flu Hoax: "We discovered that before the CDC mysteriously stopped counting Swine Flu cases, they had learned that almost NONE of the cases they had counted as Swine Flu was, in fact, Swine Flu or ANY sort of flu at all!" There was NO swine flu epidemic. Is history repeating itself?

They're Conditioning us to FEAR the Virus: The 1918 "Spanish Flu pandemic" was actually caused by lethal over-prescription of Bayer's aspirin and a faulty experimental military vaccine

FOIA Documents Reveal CDC Deliberately Overstated the "Swine Flu" Epidemic: Now they expect us to believe their coronavirus hysteria? This is the "WMD" fallacy all over again. Certain accounts always show up to defend the swine flu hoax. They DON'T want us questioning these staged pandemics.

Cracking the Corona Cult: Unwavering commitment to the COVID-19 "threat" and the continued justification of a planet-wide lockdown is approaching cult-like levels of indoctrination. Here's how we win.

The Corona Cult: Unwavering commitment to the coronavirus narrative has reached the point of religious indoctrination

Esoteric Astrology, Numerology and the Coronavirus: Pandemics as Staged Occult Rituals


I know most of you are still dooming but there are some interesting developments going on I thought I'd share.

From where I'm standing, things are amping up fast. Evergrande is collapsing and may bring down the whole world economy. Big names like general Milley and Prince Andrew are being publicly accused of serious crimes. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj are hitting millions of young low information normies with the truth like nothing else can. Where I live, a suspicious shipwreck from 26 years ago that killed hundreds of people is suddenly being publicly investigated again and the government is trying and failing to stop it.

And now there are a few mainstream public figures like Glen Beck allegedly being briefed on government crimes against humanity that "make 9/11 look like nothing" and an Australian party leader coming out and warning people that shit's about to get real in the coming days and weeks. Whatever happens, looks like it will be out in the open from now on.

So from the resident Qtard, two more weeks.


This shit fits in with some of my research.

My mind controlling my smart phone. (self.conspiracy)

submitted an hour ago by badgerSNR

10 commentssharesavehidereport I know this sounds completely crazy and nobody will believe me. I've had 2 doses of AstraZeneca and since then I've had 2 cases of some really crazy shit happen with my smart phone.

The first instance was when I had just woken up and remembered that I had some money being paid into my account on a certain day. I had to check when exactly it was in relation to paying my rent so I thought in my mind to look at my calendar app. As soon as I thought it my calendar just popped up. It is not even shortcut on my main screen it is on the 3rd page in some folder! Madness.

If that wasn't weird enough the same thing happened a few days later when I wanted to watch Twitch. It just appeared instantly. Been thinking about this for ages. Has anyone else had this happen?

Do the vaccines include telekinetic nanoparticles?

I thought shit would already go down with the current phones, not 5G. How they could probably hear the thoughts in your head after getting the vaccine.

I think people gotta pay attention to what this guy's saying here. Another guy in the comments is going.. yeah that happened to me too. This is serious shit here.

See my earlier stuff for where I mention this Ted talk vid of brain hacking and future mind tech. Just all my earlier shit there for the cyber aspect of this. I gotta go to work. Bye. lol


So "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature"

Well if you take the 80% vaccinated goal and then compare that to current world population. The remaining 20% is just a little over 3x that "goal"

Sounds like a margin of error to me.... so if say 85% take it they have some wiggle room.

I suspect the % goal will creep up until they hit their 500 million ish goals...

Prion diseases for everyone!

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