The COVID conspiracy is undoubtedly one of the worst crimes against humanity of our time. Here are some links to help start unraveling this unfathomably cruel chapter in history...please add any more you can find!

Note: There is no unifying theory being presented here, other than the sense that there's overwhelming evidence we've been systematically lied to about COVID from the start.


Hi! I shared this on reddit last year and it got wiped. I don't have anywhere else to post these sources and someone recommended sharing it here. I will link this thread to YT.

YT has "shadowbanned" this video from search results. "The pandemic dance" will not pull up the video. "do the rona" brings up my channel, but not the video. must've done something right. plz enjoy!

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Mr. Johnny Rockefeller back in 1909

said, “Hey JP Morgan, heard you got a cruise line

let’s make two titanic ships

(it’s OK if one of them’s shit)

we’ll swap ‘em in the evening when they go to sleep

we’ll sink one to the bottom of the ocean deep

and everyone we don’t like

will have a watery night”

now with a lack of competition and a whole lotta nerve

they chuckled as they called it the quote “Federal Reserve”

but it left them still wanting more

so they instigated a “great” war

and the soldiers on the front lines all lined up for their shots

and Bayer said “here have some aspirin, don’t worry take lots!”

then young men began to die

for an electromagnetic lie

I’ve got the flus

this darn flu done made me sick

it’s true I’ve got the flu-u-u-u-u-u-us

I’m doin’ the panic Hispanic

old Rockefeller sure loved his petroleums

he barked at all the doctors “don’t use plants, use my drugs!”

and ever since then we’ve been sick

they’ve patented every trick

now in New York 1916 there was this “polio”

it came from a Rockefeller lab, well wouldn’t ya know? they still blamed it on immigrants

never mind the scientist fingerprints

now in a time when doctors smoked a pack before noon

they sprayed the skies with pesticides, kids played in it too

like that good ol’ DDT

rinse, repeat: “it’s good for me-e!!”

they blamed the sickness on a virus they could barely see

to try and hide their poisonous lies cause most every disease

they searched for the Holy Vaccine

of the Church of Science Obscene

you’ve got the polio

you should trust your doctor he knows

oh no you’ve the poli-oli-olio

you’ve got the polio woes

now a sneaky monkey molecule got in that vaccine

and a doctor named Bernice said “hey wait, don’t you see,

this could keep causing cancer for years!”

they collectively covered their ears

see there’s money to be made in pushing vaccine adoption

so they bought up the doctor’s institutes to eliminate the option

see how easy we can be controlled

when the enemy’s invisible

then in the 80’s they created a new sinister plan

they spread contaminated products ‘cross the land

and surprise, it made folks quite ill

so they just prescribed them more poisonous pills

now in comes Dr. Fauci he’s the man of the hour

hey Tony, why not give Big Pharma all of the power?

you can sell the pandemics you’ve made

just them that it’s the germs to blame

you’ve got AIDS

but it’s OK, have some AZT

you’ve got the full blown, full blown AIDS

and we swear it’s from HIV

Bill Gates’ daddy was a baddie, he said “listen son,

they’ll call you a philanthropist and when you are done

the world will bend to its knees

to the technocratic elite

we’ll scare them all with measles and pretend that it’s rough

and we’ll cancel when the Brady Bunch called out our bluff

then shame them until they receive

every experimental vaccine”

pandemic propaganda playin’ stupid games (it’s the name of the game)

ebola, zika gotta pick a spooky name

and swine flu was a big hoax

an endless epidemic of jokes

see the Rockefeller family’s still the talk of the town

they want us all in Lock Step, and to shut the world down

their goal is absolute control

so they told us “you’ll all catch colds!”

you’ve got the ‘rona

can’t you see how you sniffle and sneeze?

oh no you’ve got the co-co-co-co-ro-ona

you’ve got the COVID-19’s

now Tony told Obama “time to take our diseases

and ship ‘em overseas where we can do what we please

and then we’ll try to do a coup

meanwhile we’ll proselytize the WHO

now Winnie the Pooh in China loves this tyranny shit

we’ll bribe and threaten governments to follow the script

and we’ll even tell them in advance

Event 201 states the plan

they bought up all the media it’s frighteningly clear

after 9/11 they’ve been feeding us fear

it’s the oldest trick in the book

I guess that’s why us frogs keep gettin’ cooked

people rarely question when their infection is fear

they want us masked so the illusion lasts for many more years

‘til we fall in line for the vaccine

the revolving door of disease

you’ve got the ‘rona

can’t you see how you sniffle and sneeze?

oh no you’ve got the co-co-co-co-ro-ona

(just don’t say it’s caused by 5G)

well they say Pasteur is the master but he’s certainly not

Béchamp was champion that history mostly forgot

no viruses are to blame as the cause of your toxic terrain

see when a cell gets ill it spills a lil’ DNA

and the scientists say “hey look, a virus!” and call it a day

just make sure you brought your insurance

they’re into treatments but never cures

now that our lives are paralyzed by veritable spooks

the governments lie and hypnotize and put on their jackboots

“together alone” we clap our hands

to the rhythm of the Pandemic Dance

coronavirus was devised to rule us through fear

but it can’t survive if we unite that’s crystal clear they’re criminalizing our thoughts

you can’t question the Holocoughs!

say no to the ‘rona

don’t you know that fear’s the disease

say no to the ‘ro-o-o-o-ona

say no to COVID-19

say no to the ‘rona

don’t you know that fear’s the disease

say no to the ‘ro-o-o-ona

say no to COVID-19


Led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Class Action Lawsuit against the CDC, WHO and WEF for Violations of the Nuremberg Code (actually, this title is a tad misleading: see the comments)

Thanks to u/axolotl_peyotl for the winning suggestion!

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He's Thomas Colley.




Where did the plane(s) actually land?

Lots of other small tells like this.

I have some tools as well as tips and tricks for unmasking people. He pops out like a sore thumb.

Stylometrics matches and reading his background (search for stuff posted before 2016 election, etc), his background, like he first came in with a BBC style news headline that was fake and he has also studied the BBC in propaganda.

He wrote an article about Godwin's law and seems like the type to mess around with pol. Studies insurgency, massive overlap with Q.

Took me literally 1 minute to find him using a basic heuristic. He's a dead ringer for it. Seems to keep a relatively low profile or is obscure despite apparently impressive credentials.

Published a paper on infiltrating pol Just around when Q disappeared.

He's a British spook like me. The probability of it being him is at least 25% which means it's very likely either him or a student of the same school / of his (someone a few hops away).

We had a huge problem with Trump winning in terms of the war narrative as we were working for NATO to raise public support and political support to go to war against Assad.

Trump winning broke our (NATO) propaganda campaign on Syria. He works in the study of raising public support for military intervention and insurgency. Trump's victory was a massive defeat for him.

Um, what?! (media.conspiracies.win)
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Reuter was born Israel Bear Josaphat. His father was a German rabbi.

Paul Julius Baron von Reuter (Kassel, 21 July 1816 – Nice, 25 February 1899) was a British journalist and media magnate, founder of Reuters press agency.

Reuter was born Israel Bear Josaphat. His father was a German rabbi. In Göttingen Reuter met Carl Friedrich Gauss who experimented with the transmission of electrical signals via wires.

Reuter moved to London on October 29, 1845; there he called himself Joseph Josephat, referring to his father’s first names. On November 16, he changed his name to Paul Julius Reuter. A week later, on November 23, he married Ida Maria Elizabeth Clementine Magnus. In 1848 he worked in Paris in the press office of Charles-Louis Havas, later Agence France Presse (AFP).

As telegraphy developed Reuter founded an institute in Aachen that sent messages between Brussels and Aachen by carrier pigeons. This service was the missing link in the connection between Berlin and Paris. The carrier pigeons were much faster than mail trains, so Reuter had all kinds of news on the Paris Stock Exchange faster. In 1851 the pigeons became superfluous due to a new telegraph connection.

In 1851 Reuter moved back to London where he set up an office at the London Stock Exchange. He founded Reuters, one of the most important financial press agencies in the world. On 17 March 1857 Reuter was naturalised as a British citizen.

On September 7, 1871, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha elevated Reuter to the rank of baron. Reuter died at Villa Reuter in Nice (France) and was buried in the family grave in London.

wikipedia Netherlands

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