Here are key facts and sources about the alleged “pandemic” that will help you get a grasp on what has happened to the world since January 2020, and help you enlighten any of your friends who might be still trapped in the New Normal fog.

I. “Covid Deaths”

II. Lockdowns

III. PCR Tests

IV. “Asymptomatic Infection”

V. Ventilators

VI. Masks

VII. Vaccines

VIII. Deception & Foreknowledge



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Charles Fort (1874-1932) was a fascinating figure that dared to challenge the scientific status quo. Fort specialized in the collection data that he declared to be "damned" because it refused to fit in the acceptable range of scientific orthodoxy.

Here are some of the stated goals of his eponymous Fortean Society:

  • To remove the halo from the head of Science.

  • To make human beings think.

  • To destroy scientists' faith in their own works and thus force a general return to the truly scientific principle of "temporary acceptance".

  • To inform the general public of the political and self-preservative character of most work done under the ambiguous cloak of "pure" science, principally astronomy and physics.

  • To inform the general public that the "cosmic order" Science pretends to have established in the flux of existence is simply a mental discipline imposed upon mankind as an expedient to enforce social and economic "order" under what must be--at longest--an ephemeral status quo.

  • To prevent scientists from further development of any hierarchy, Brain Trust, Court of Wisdom, authoritarian dictatorship of intelligence or learning, which would--if permitted--lead to a more powerful domination and consequent paralysis of human mentality than any ever imposed by any Church or State or Press in history, not excluding any of the ideologies current today.

  • To destroy awe for Authority, as such, in the youth of the world at as tender an age as possible.

  • To provide the means for the perpetuation of dissent from any and all dogmas as long as time shall last.

What do you think? Are we not the spiritual successors, the very embodiment of the aims of the Fortean Society from a century ago?

They were heavily maligned in their time, as are we. We dare to challenge the $cientific orthodoxy, because it must be challenged.

Here are the published works of Charles Fort:

The Book of the Damned (1919)

New Lands (1923)

Lo! (1931)

Wild Talents (1932)

When you see it (media.conspiracies.win)
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Never is there any sort of pandemic that justifies emergency mandates every other second while nobody could even ascertain the distinct symptoms of the virus ITSELF.

Never is there a pandemic that justifies killing 400 billion people via near-suicidal lockdowns that are bound to last for a decade for the lives of 500. (This has not happened yet, but the signs were all there. Get a hold of it)

Mark my words, the worst payload and the finale is going to play out as soon as in the start of the next year and once it kick-starts, the only thing that will save you is how nice your local sheriff/governor treats you.


Alex Jones started venturing down this rabbit hole but never finished.

Who are “the seven people” that control the world.

This is what’s happening as I see it:

The US is not sending empty containers back to China because China refuses to send America anymore stuff because the DC Corporation hasn’t been paying their debts to China since Nov 2020.

Instead the containers have been piling up at the docks. Ships are unable to unload because the ports are full.

The DC Corporation was given until October 18, 2021 to pay their debts but failed. They went into bankruptcy but somehow managed to change the official bankruptcy date to December 3, 2021 when all hell wil break loose for them. They will fight to stay in power but crumble fast.

Then we will have to decide how we are going to run our debt jubilee. Without the DC Corporation, we would be free.

DC Corporation is the collective Western Deep State like Rockafeller, Hillary, ect..

so the movie about a highly contagious virus called covid-23 and I believe the movie takes place 2 years from now. Everyone is on 24 hour lockdown and cant leave there house or apt without a hazmat suit. sick people or anyone in close contact gets sent to giant camps to die. very small amount of people are immune and can go outside but are forced to work for the government to keep things flowing while 99% of the populace chills inside.

anyway, the movie sucked but there was one point that made me rethink the whole premises of the movie. without going into to much detail, the antagonist alludes to the protagonist that any virus could be deadly to the people on lockdown.

which is strange because that would mean that there was something wrong with the populaces immune system making anything deadly, opposed to there being a single deadly virus spreading.. (i initially just chalked it up to the rushed nature of the movie)

then it kinda hit me, i think this movie isnt just telling the story of a killer virus and what life could be like. its also telling story about what life could be like if the majority of the world just suddenly developed Immunodeficiency and need to be locked down for there own safety cus they thought there was a deadly virus.

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