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This update adds a new API for future use. It may also be documented at some point.


This update adds a new setting, through which you can specify a community whose style will apply for you on the home feed, all feed, and other non-community pages.


This update adds suggestions when entering a community on the post creation form on All communities are included in the suggestions.

For example, typing "C" in the community field will suggest ConsumeProduct, Changelogs, Conspiracies, and Christianity.


This update overhauls how the left sidebar on mobile works.

When opening this sidebar, it would previously push away the content in its path. Now, it overlaps the content like a more normal sidebar would.

This also fixes a number of small issues, such as the parent sometimes unintentionally scrolling, while scrolling the sidebar.


This update adds new buttons to the desktop beta UI, linking to the Home and Al feeds.


This update makes some changes to the mobile sidebar.

First, some small formatting changes with regards to padding, font weights, etc. Nothing major there.

Second, the lists of communities has been revamped. When logged in, you'll see one list of all of your subscribed communities, and another containing every other community. You can subscribe to communities easily from this second list.

For guests, they will see two lists - the default communities, followed by all of the others.

The 'Home' link has been hidden for guests (since they have no home feed), and the link has been moved to display just above the 'All' link for logged in users, as opposed to just below.


This update makes a number of changes to the 'Home' feed - many on the backend, but several noticeable changes, too.

Primarily, the feed is now 'normalized' so that it shows a better distribution of posts from all of your subscribed communities. Even if one of your subscribed communities is infinitely larger than your other subscribed communities, the feed should show posts from the smaller communities too. This only impacts the hot sort, and not new, rising, or top.

The update also involved major changes to how we generate the 'Home' feed, in order to adequately support the changes in ranking.

The final change is preparation for making c/home the default feed for logged in users. It is not yet the default feed, because we want some UI updates before making the change.


This update replaces the old sidebar on the 'All' and 'Home' feeds.

Now, there's two modules. First, a list of communities that you're currently subscribed to. Secondly, a list of all communities that you aren't subscribed to. From the second list, you're able to easily subscribe.

The intent would be to limit the list to not show every last community once the list gets too long.

For logged out users, there's still two modules: the default communities, and all others.

The design of these modules doesn't match the rest of the site (especially true when not enrolled in the beta) but this will be corrected over time.


c/General, c/News, and c/Changelogs are now default subscriptions.

This change does not currently apply retroactively.


Previously, searching on a standalone Win community domain would search posts from within that community. Searching would only find posts within the "Win" community (which is a community only on a technical level).

Searching from the homepage of will now search across all communities, while searching from a standalone Win community domain or searching from a equivalent will search just within that community.


This update adds support for the Hidden and Upvoted pages on

On standalone community domains, these pages only show posts that were hidden or upvoted within the current community. However on, these pages will now include posts from all communities.

We do not support viewing a Hidden or Upvoted page for a specific community, without going directly to that community's standalone domain (if they have one).


This update, which only applies to beta, removes version information from the bottom of the sidebar on desktop, and removes the footer on mobile. On desktop, the footer has been redesigned.

Aware that some links/icons do not lead to the correct places, and that the footer does not stick to the bottom on very short pages.


This update continues work on the beta desktop UI update.

  • adds back the search bar to the sidebar (for now)
  • removes the 48px left/right padding on .brand-bar-inner at the 1236px breakpoint
  • subscribing now works from the desktop menu
  • new colors on hover of subscription toggle button
  • the .brand-desktop-dropdown menu now closes when clicking it, or anywhere outside of it
  • updated the new communities list (which will be further revamped before this UI update is released) to exempt unreleased or non-public communities


All new accounts will default to having "Allow Search Engines to Index Profile" disabled, in the interest of privacy.


This update fixes two issues with the new desktop UI, which is currently in beta.

The search bar is fixed, and the community logo now links to the standalone community domain if available, else it falls back to the equivalent. Previously, it incorrectly always linked to the version.


We've released some changes to the desktop UI, which are currently only available for users who have self-enrolled in beta features.

This update looks large, however it truly isn't as big as it seems. It entirely replaces the header area on desktop for consistency between desktop and mobile, and provides us much more flexibility and space. It also changes the font for the entire site from Arial to Roboto, to take advantage of varying font weights. Beyond that, nothing below the header area has been touched in any way. Everything has remained the same.

An example of the much needed flexibility is can be seen in communities, where we can now cleanly offer a way to subscribe, configure flairs, etc. Note that while these buttons are visible, they do not function since it's still in beta. All other buttons do work.

This new header is a breaking change for communities' CSS, however it's an easy fix. To see a community with the new header CSS set up, check here.

We've just made a change to how the 'All' feed generates when sorting by hot.

Previously, we didn't take into account the community. This meant that one community could entirely flood the feed if it was a lot larger than other communities. While this feels like the right way to handle it, it's just not useful. If you want a feed which is entirely one community, you should go to that community.

Now, you will see a better mix of communities. The mix is absolutely subject to further change based on feedback.

This change is particularly impactful to the 'All' feed when the 'Politics' topic is enabled.

A recent update limited which paths are accessible on the, which incorrectly prevented media on from loading.

This prevented logos from appearing on some communities' login pages.


We've fixed an issue where the metadata values for a community could use the incorrect domain, which would break sharing links on some platforms.

This issue impacted at least one community.

The cause of this bug is because the Win software was initially designed to map a community to its '.win' equivalent exactly. For example, the 'cats' community could only be '' (which doesn't exist) and nothing else.


Guests (logged out users) will see a slightly simplified post interface.

Rather than the full "posted <time ago> by <author> in <community>", it will show "<community> • <time ago> by <author>".


We've fixed an issue where frontend instances would fetch new versions of the 'All' feeds every thirty seconds, regardless of whether there are any changes.

This behavior could easily bottleneck our caching server.


Users can now enable beta features in their settings.

Enabling this setting may mean they will see experimental or unreleased features and changes.


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Version fixes an issue from an update earlier today which prevented guests without cookies from seeing communities through the main domain, but did not prevent viewing communities through their standalone domains.

This bug did not impact logged in users.

Version limits search results to 20 pages per term.

Version attempts to fix an issue with Apple devices using the Safari browser.

For some pages, the browser would incorrectly try to download the page, rather than follow the redirect.

This should be resolved, as this update explicitly sets a content type header.

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