When exactly did you start your reddit boycott?


I need your help fellow patriots!

I live in NYC and the time has come for me to move. I was born and raised here and I'm sad that I have to abandon my hometown. I stayed this long due to cancer treatments. Now that I'm healthy, I can't get a job because many places require the Jab, i cant go to school, because they require the jab. Im looking to move to Florida but know nothing about the state.

Here are the 2 big things im looking for:

Affordability. I currently pay 1100 in rent so anything in that range and below is good for me.

I DO NOT want to live around minorities. Im black and currently live in an irish neighborhood but the demographics are quickly changing. I dont want to deal with ignorant people that dont respect their community, america and each other. Call me what you want but im not sorry for feeling this way. I seek peace, quiet, cleanliness and people with good values.

Im also looking to finish my bachelor's so i can get into nursing school. Any school recommendations are appreciated.

I've never lived anywhere but NY so this is a big move for me. Any tips about moving to another state are welcomed.

Thank you and god bless.

PS- check my posting history, im a patriot, through and through so im not coming with blue voting habits.


So my living situation is kinda weird. I live with three people that dont speak English and one that does. One guy is a Chinese exchange student who moved in recently and he's extremely weird.

One thing im interested in is his bathroom habits (no homo) because he goes through a roll of toilet paper a day. Sometimes I see shreds of it in the sink/counter and other times the trashcan will just go from empty to overflowing in two days. I sincerely thought only women use toilet paper so egregiously.

Is this a Chinese thing or is this guy a psychopath?

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Basically, what the bros in hong kong have been doing is finding out whether or not a business supports their movement and organizing to boycott any and every business that disagrees with them.

Interestingly, it's not just effective for shooting the enemy's income in the foot, it also breeds a kind of solidarity, committing people to the cause.

Do we have something equivalent here?


We filed electronically two months ago, and got our State return within a couple of weeks. The automated IRS system tells me that my return is still "processing." My accountant tells me the IRS is short staffed and still behind on the 2019 returns. In other words, don't hold my breath. Where's my money Uncle Sam?

What the title says. How do I avoid being forced to wear a mask if I get hired for this job or any new job? I have a lot of work experience....back when the world was normal. However there is a huge gap in my work history because of things that happened that were out of my control. Honesly I am bipolar and I suffered two major psychotic breaks. Thats why I had been out of work for so long. But I WANT to work.

However, beggers can't be choosers. Thats why I picked an entry level housekeeping job at a hotel. But if I have to wear a mask all day, it may be torture for me. My glasses fog up and I really have trouble breathing. What are my rights in the city of Glendale CA when it comes to wearing face diapers? Any help would be appeciated. Thank you!

I'm planning to enrol in the cheapest single course of study I can at my college to maintain access to university literature databases.

Is there any single course of study that would actually be useful as a stand alone course?

I am of the opinion that Trump - thinking in terms of business - implemented warp speed not as a weapon against globalist ambitions, but because he bought the narrative of the kung flu and was doing what he thought would be the best measure against it; not some 4d chess manuever to make globohomo stumble in their totalitarian take over schemes. I think Trump was just in over his head and he didn't really grasp the full scope of what he was up against. I hesitate to think he was actually nefarious in pushing the fake vax but I don't rule that out. What do you think frens?

I currently find myself in a rare point in my life where I can do exactly this and I thought who else but to ask but this community.

To give you a brief summary of my situation, here it is...

Almost 30 years old, born and raised in NYC, currently living in blue hell hole New Jersey for the past 8-9 years. At 24 I took over a business which had its ups and downs but it consumed my entire life and I sacrificed nearly everything. Relationships, my family, all of my time, effort etc. My industry was raveged by the pandemic and I ended up taking on a partner who screwed me massively. After 5 years of giving it my all, I decided to close the doors, sell the property, put my house up for sale, leave this town and start fresh. On top of this, my soon-to-be fiance is leaving me so now I really have no more ties to where I currently am.

I want to leave this state entirely and start brand new with a new job, career, business etc. I can take my experiences running my own business along with my degree and do anything I want. The problem is I have no Idea what to do or where to go.

Does anybody have any ideas? Where are some cool places to live nowadays? What would you do if faced with this rare opportunity?




My girlfriend and I have been dating for quite some time but live geographically separated. We want to bridge the gap and be together but that will require some major sacrifices on one of our parts. She’s pretty based, and I want to be with her.

She lives in a city with good cost-of-living where she gets paid very well in a stable but very specialized field. She has no debt and a graduate degree in a very technical field and has a high-paying job in that area. She’s bringing in about $150k per year, almost twice what I make. I am a first responder in a city with similar cost of living that doesn’t have good prospects for her. That said, I’ve been here long enough that I work days and have weekends off and almost vested into the pension system. If I were to transfer to her city, I would be starting over working nights and weekends and we would barely see each other. Her city isn’t the best in terms of salaries (or morale) for law enforcement and I would take a pay cut of about $20k per year.

She and I both think that me working night shift wouldn’t be the best idea so she started looking for jobs in my city. She’s had some luck, but she’s either getting offers at 50%+ below what she’s making now because my city simply doesn’t have the industry she works in (so she would be switching fields) or comparable offers but in very high-stress fields like consulting. She and I both feel like her taking the less pay but less stressful job would be preferable to her keeping her current pay at a job that would require her to work through the weekends and on vacation but I still feel bad that her new job wouldn’t be as meaningful for her - she takes pride in her work. She’s really happy in her current job and has told me she thinks she would spend her entire working career there if she could. Her current job doesn’t have her work at all during her off hours and would let her go down to part-time status when we decide to start having kids. I feel bad for asking her to leave it.

Before all this, I was convinced that a prenup that essentially eliminates community property would be the best choice for me, where we each keep what we earn as individuals and keep finances completely separate. However, asking her to take a permanent 50% pay cut for me to keep my own job while she permanently abandons her “dream job” and the field she has been working over 10 years toward getting into feels like a huge sacrifice from her. I feel like such a prenup would make her hesitant to make the right choice for us as a couple and would instead encourage her to try to get a job that would maximize her own income because she would be taking on that substantial risk on her own. There’s no way she would be making these choices that benefit me if she was only motivated by money, but I still feel like it would be a big ask to have a prenup like that when all the major sacrifices are coming from her end. Obviously I’d still protect things like my pre-marital property and other standard things, but I’m not sure how fair it is to ask her to keep our finances completely separate

I also feel guilty because I could do law enforcement pretty much anywhere but the idea of starting over on patrol working nights and weekends in a worse city for cops just seems like it would be a strain on our relationship too.

What would you do in this situation? We can’t stay geographically separated forever.

Saw an article on the interwebs stating the Fed had its' charter revoked yesterday, June 9. 2021.

Is that true? If so, what are the implications?

I can't seem to get a straight answer for this. The definitions for what is considered Disabled are so broad, but is it something that actually needs to be verified?

I'm currently rated at 50% Disabled by the VA but I don't know if that carries over the civilian version of what is considered Disabled.


An example for me would be when I learned that I could make a microwave run for a minute by pushing "1", instead of "TIME COOK"- "1"-"0"-"0". :-)

It's hard to express how astounded I was at this. It was like I had done something wrong my whole life but had now been shown the way.

There are upcoming events regarding the local Republican party and local ballot referendums. Is anyone looking to get involved localy?

Professional legal opinions are preferred, but Whoever wants to chime in is welcome.

And no, nobody I know was (to my knowledge) dumb enough to get the jab.

Vroom 🏎 Vroom 🏎 Kachow! 💥

I go to a family members house and i move their truck out of the driveway for them. Turns out there way a stray baby kitten that must've been hanging out under the tire. Im not familiar with cats, but this thing was tiny and i doubt was older than 8 weeks. As you probably expected by now, i ended up running it over because I had no idea it was there. Crushed its bottom half leaving it paralyzed and both eyes had popped out. This thing was still alive and moving around, even after about 20 minutes it was still alive.

I wasnt sure what to do. I didnt want to put it out of its misery and the only thing i had to do that with was with a shovel. i was afraid that i wouldnt be able to end its life with one swing anyway. I ended up putting it under some shade and leaving it. I called a couple family members, was given suggestions to take it to a vet one even said to throw it away and i was even considering burying it, but it was too lively to me to follow through with it and i dont want a vet bill tbh. What should i have done?