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As the title states, where did you originally hear about this place? Facebook? Reddit? Chan sites?

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On Reddit.

It's hard to imagine at this point, but only five or six years ago, their politics sub still kept the illusion of free speech. One could discuss events from a conservative viewpoint without being censored. I was aware of The Donald sub, but figured it was roughly the equivalent of the democrats' sub (I voted third party in 2016).

A watershed for me was the Orlando Pulse shooting. It was shocking to see the censorship happen in real time. The Donald at the time was the only site allowing folks to post unfiltered news links or police radio chatter, and it lifted the veil a bit on how information was being kept from people on other subs.

When that happened, it validated The Donald as a source for real info not readily available elsewhere. I began checking it periodically, and the behaviors of the people there impressed me. For example, even for posts validating the worldview on The Donald, one of the top posts would regularly be the question "Sauce?" The emphasis was on "is this true" more than "will this reinforce my position".

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I actually heard about Pepe the Frog for the first time from Hillary Clinton, when she talked about banning hate symbols from the internet.

Then I saw a few of the memes here and realized they were what she was talking about. I still don't care for them personally, but that she literally called for banning these things was another step towards my realizing that censorship was real and that it was growing.

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Tim Pool talked you wonderful faggots up and called out when thedonald got banned off of plebbit

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The .win sites broke into my house and stole my coffee maker. :(

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Not sue what you are talking about. Do you mean covfefe?

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It's because K-cups are harmful to the environment. It was for your own good.

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By the way, u/Questionable, I genuinely thank you for your random reply to the post.

Twenty years ago on the Yahoo forums there was a legendary- but-good-natured troll called the WSIDR (the "what should I do retard"), who would write things like:

"Tom Selleck just broke into my house and replaced my oatmeal with cream-of-wheat. What should I do?"

Your post reminded me of one of his posts. Thanks for a good memory! :-)

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Some leftist on reddit told me I belonged over on .win, so considering they used it as an insult I assumed it was based.

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My husband has been on for a long time, he would tell me funny or informative stuff from here. That led to me lurking for a while, and here I am. This is the first of ANY kind of social media that I have ever been on, had never posted or commented anywhere, never had FB or Twitter or anything.

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I was a refugee from the purge.

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Well, back in 08, I was looking for arguments on both sides of the global warming debate. That's how I found https://wattsupwiththat.com. Watt's had a link to https://www.smalldeadanimals.com. SDA eventually linked me to https://theconservativetreehouse.com. Sometime shortly after the '16 election, someone who was always posting the good memes there pointed me to r/The_Donald. I never set up a Reddit account, and strictly lurked on TD and watched the increasing censorship in realtime. As soon as the mods announced .win, I set up an account to be supportive and to make sure I didn't lose access to all the spicy memes and real news. And I've been here ever since.

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I love that you came here on a path that led through a website called "small dead animals". :-)

I never posted to The Donald on Reddit either. Unlike you, I didn't sign up at first, though. What convinced me to do it was a matter associated with Reddit's purge.

Shortly before the purge, a The Donald poster shared that his father had just died of cancer. The response by that community was amazing - thousands of condolences and consolations, all heart-felt. Reading them broke my heart and warmed it at the same time.

Shortly later on the .win site, I ran across this young man. He was sharing that Reddit's deleting The Donald meant that they deleted all of those posts to him, too.

When I heard that, I signed up to let him know how sorry I was, and that I hadn't forgotten him or his grief. I've been here ever since.

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You tell great stories, 2Kings616. I'm glad you post here.

Small Dead Animals is a conservative Canadian site. They're farther down the road to Globalism than we are, so keeping tabs on their politics is like getting a preview of what they want for us. I don't know how they came up with the name, but it still gives me a chuckle.

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i learned about it from the internet

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After reading somewhere about reddit's CNN Memes. Maybe it was on CNN, crying about how they were being made fun of. I don't really remember where I found that but I said I gotta be a part of that, joined it, and then through that sub (was it called CNNMemes? I can't recall) I eventually learned of T_D and joined it until they moved to .win.

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Honestly I don't remember. Probably either reddit or youtube. I have been using these for almost a year now. It's like reddit before the blue hairs took over.

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Salty Cracker

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I first became aware of the site through r/The_Donald and this site's creation as a backup. I did not really visit it much. Later, r/kotakuinaction2 had a subforum created and that was the reason for my migration to this site. Even now, KIA2 is the sub that I spend the most time on.

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I figured there had to be at least one right wing site on the internet so I searched “Donald trump fan site and here we are”.

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There was lots of hype about Letter 17 and Trump on FB and Twitter in 2016. Eventually, stopped using FB. Stayed on Twitter for a bit and saw the way it was going. Then, more people were mentioning TD. win on Twitter and chans for info that was not suppressed.

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See, I found the discord before I found the sites and only started using the sites when people kept referencing memes from here. Back when I did competitive gaming people would always harass the shit out of me for my odd stances on things (my idea of solving the black crime rate being one that'd "trigger" the fuck out of people). They'd always suggest going to "the donald" if I was going to act like that, but at the time I had no idea what the hell they were talking about. Eventually, one of the conservative mods of the group gave me the link to the discord and told me to share my views there as they'd be considered brilliant.

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Came over from r/TheDonald

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