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Cinnamon toothpicks. I don't remember the name of it something like fire stix or hot stix, comes in a small baggie and shaped less like a toothpick and more like large wood splinters. You pop the whole thing in your mouth and just chew away. I don't know why, how it got started, but it caught on huge and everyone was chewing on those damn spicy sticks.

That same school the only "legal" candy was this french taffy that the foreign language department had student hock for some kind of fundraiser. It was cheap and better than any taffy I had before and since. Don't remember the name, shaped and packed like a stick of gum but shorter and thicker, doesn't stick but a very buttery rich chewy texture. Tried looking for it from time to time but no luck.

Oh last one, there was a way to rig the lockers so it stays unlocked, students would pay the kid who knows how to do it to rig their lockers so they don't have to spend the time to unlock their locker.

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i think ive heard of those sticks before.

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At my elementary school, they always made cinnamon rolls on chile day. The chile was not good - but if you could prove you'd eaten it, the lunch lady would hook you up with seconds on the cinnamon rolls. So the cold lunch kids would conspire with the hot lunch kids to smuggle the chile to the garbage in a brown paper lunch bag, and then share the extra cinnamon rolls. We couldn't have been very discreet, but I don't remember anyone getting caught or in trouble. They probably didn't care that much, but it felt very sneaky at the time.

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thats actually really funny. Was the chili too spicy or something?

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I mostly remember it being brown, gloppy and institutional looking. But man, the cinnamon rolls were good. I always thought it was cruel to pair the two.

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Cigarettes. They never asked for ids on my side of town, and the rich kids would pay up to 5 dollars for just 1. Girls would get one free if they smoked with me.

15 years later prouds to say i hqve not touched one in 6 years.

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When I was in high school, there was a shitload of meth labs and marijuana grows in the area. Lots of dealing by students.

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we had a nice candy gig at my school. Bucket of halloween candy for a buck.

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In my school -this will show my age- a kid was offering to sell burnt cd's of any album you want. It was before everyone had a cd burner only the rich or tech savvy kids had them at the time. This was also in the age of Napster.

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I grew up in a rural area and the school had about 100 students at most. It was a bunch of old buildings just thrown up seemingly randomly so plenty of hidden spots where you could do secret deals and buy almost anything.

Nothing strange tho, mostly stuff that was banned in the school like hats, comic books, forest pornography, cigarettes and alcoholic brewery. Problem was, all the kids where broke, I mean really broke, nobody had money. So adhesive became the currency.

Why, I'm not sure, guess it was "limited supply" for the time as we had to steal it from the office supply room in the teachers room, which wasn't easy to do without getting caught.

Those who got caught was lifted up and shaken while the teacher shouted "how dare you". Same teacher also liked to put a comb under his nose and shout "sieg heil", pretending he was Hitler, just to scare the kids. Guy was German too so it all seemed appropriate, because this was back in the days when political correctness wasn't invented yet.

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City kids brought trunks full of guns and drugs… desegregation at it best

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BonBons the candy

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Copies of tests and class notes. AP study guides. Stimulants. Condoms and birth control pills. Key facts to blackmail or curry favor with teachers.

(Very high performing high school that won the National Science Bowl a couple of times.)

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My middle school had a massive underground market for candy. That might seem like a weird thing, except it was a military base in Italy, and the commissary only got stocked with candy once every 2 weeks. We'd send a scout/recon person to verify the shipments during a bathroom break, and then when the final bell rang, it was a mad dash to get Warheads, Gushers, Pixie Sticks, Tootsie Rolls, etc. We only had 10 minutes to make it to the buses, and running there took about 4 minutes, so it was like a fucking plague of 12-year-old locusts descending on a single aisle.

The bus rides home were always phenomenal, with that smug satisfaction like Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption... "on that rooftop that day, in the warm sun, we felt like free men". We'd trade candy around, use it as currency for the next week or so, gamble with it during the pogs craze, etc.