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I have my CCP and would like to get AP rounds for my Sig 226 .40

Do I need another license before I purchase AP? If so, how do I do that?

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So just be aware that AP handgun rounds are a legal grey area. Technically, they are banned under federal law. However, that law is so vague that its probably unconstitutional. (For example, it would ban M855 shot out of an AR pistol.) Although I have not heard of any challenges to it. There are workarounds, however.

Whether or not you need a particular license to buy ammo is up to your particular state.

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You have the actual correct answer.

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When you joined the FBI, is this what you thought you would be doing? lol

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EDIT: rephrased answer to match the question. EDIT 2: The below answer is the correct one. Deleted mine to prevent confusion since I was more wrong than right.

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u/JoeBidensDementia1 : not about law,but important thing is that probably .40 would cause at least some injuries even in enemy would be armoured.

About the law: Probably it wouldn't be completely legal,but until you won't get caught on it - who cares... Just ammo type "restricted.use if shit hit the fan only"...

Ok,maybe it is because I am Pole and after communism we are sometimes bit less law abidding in my country - but if you can get it and hide it to not have problem with police because of it & you are sure that wouldn't be noticed by any government agency - don't hesitate, just have it hidden well.

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Pistol rounds will not be effective against a Class 3 plate. Large caliber rifle rounds can be effective against soft body armor. But very few folks have armor and body armor doesn't all the areas that can incapacitate a target.

So your cost/benefit ratio is off. You are better off in buying more regular ammo for your Sig.