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Good point. I was cancelled once in the past (got MeToo’d in October 2017, and got pushed out of the company by an overzealous manager because they couldn’t fire me when my performance was stellar up until that point).

I feel like my industry is monopolized by one political perspective, so getting dragged into political discussions is unavoidable. And, knowing how scary cancel culture is, I’m trying to make myself Chris Pratt-like cancel-proof. Maybe it’s hoping too much.

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Identify as politically independent, or just grow some balls and don't give a crap.

gets me respect

Here is your problem, you are worrying about what other people think of you. Tbh, they probably aren't the kind of people who are worth having respect from. Would mean that you are as brainwashed as they are. Wear scorn from those kind of people with pride.

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If cancel culture wasn’t a thing, I wouldn’t care at all. I’ve been cancelled once (think like Johnny Depp without the celebrity status and all of the consequences), and I knew an uncle who was a Partner at a law firm whose daughter (SJW vegan) leaked my uncles Facebook milquetoast private family messages to the other partners at the firm, and rather than face the partners expelling him at the next board meeting, he decided to retire early.

Cancel culture is real, and it’s scary how much power they have in corporations.

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he decided to retire early.

But why? Was he badmouthing the other partners that badly? This is part of the problem too, somewhere along the way these people completely forgot that there is a line between work and personal life. Who really cares what someone has in a family chat? Unless he was revealing company secrets, shouldn't have been an issue

Not denying cancel culture is real, but people cave in way too easily to this stuff imo. Goya is an example of what happnes when people refuse to roll over imo. Can't make it easy for them.

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No, he just said things like “I believe BLM has a point, but I don’t agree with the messenger” and “Trump has some good points, although I don’t like him personally,” and “veganism is not healthy.”

But, keep in mind, his law firm worked with unions and labor laws. The Partners (and board) are very pro Union, anti-corporation, and very anti-Trump.

And his daughter hung out with some very liberal people when she was younger, and now is a confrontational vegan. She starts fights with the rest of her family over politics on FB, at family gatherings, everywhere she can debate someone about politics she will try. And I’m just shocked that she thought that her fathers job should be jeopardized over her anger when he refused to accept veganism and the SJW way of submit or get cancelled.

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THIS 100%

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You get respect by being a professional and doing your job. You aren't there to express your feelings or personal beliefs. You are there to perform. Don't be known as the "crazy right-wing dude", be Mr. Gets the Job Done. Be quiet, nice and deflect any probing questions.

I work remote and only talk to coworkers on scheduled meetings that have a business agenda. The corporation is Woke Central, but it doesn't affect me. Your mileage may vary...

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I work remote now too, which helped tremendously ease the constant deflecting I had to do. Before that, it was extremely hard to stay neutral when coworkers had water cooler conversations about how “toxic” Indiana Jones is, or how the Disney Star Wars series was not woke enough.

I got pushed out of a company for being MeToo’d despite my stellar record (full story for another time, but tl;dr version is a silly joke of mine made someone feel uncomfortable and anonymously made a complaint to HR, and I was then getting written up for things like “made people uncomfortable” and “used foul language” and “said inappropriate things”, all being done anonymously. When a coworker confessed to me in private that HR was asking my coworkers around me to report any and all conversations, I knew they were trying to push me out and I decided the toxicity wasn’t worth the effort. Thank God my performance was great there, or they would have had grounds to fire me right away). Ever since, it’s not the crazies that I want to accommodate, it’s my job I want to preserve. Cancel culture is real and it’s scary to me.

Most corporations have gone full woke, outside and inside, so political correctness is a big deal. Problem is, everything in the office becomes political. The only ones who survive in my industry are either chameleons or they got friends in high places to cover their backs, which I don’t have the patience for either.

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I rather enjoy being the "crazy right wing dude" commies know to leave me the fuck alone! Got my "it's OK to be white shirt" on as I do every Monday!! Rise up or be the fallen... THIS IS WAR!!!

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You say that until you get cancelled, and the industry is tight so everyone talks...and eventually you become completely unhireable. They’ve really made being right of center (or any amount of right political leanings) a culturally bad thing

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I have a laundry list of issues that used to be "liberal" to bitch about. Consumer rights, labor, war, and a variety of corporatism. I can out liberal any liberal just by talking pragmatism and public benefit from a patriotic standpoint.

Liberals are no longer "liberal", they are neoliberals. So there is a wide pool of issues they've abandoned for fringe and radical nonsense. Easy to work within that, I've found.

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Do not discuss at the office what you would not discuss at a polite dinner table. That means no politics. No religion. No current affairs.

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I am assuming from the way you framed the question that everyone, including you is already talking about politics.

What you have to do is start a discussion on the same level. Here are my favoriites.

Abortion - When does human life begin? What about 10 seconds before that? (and when they begin the discussion) Did you know Slave owners made that same argument?

Voting Rights - Did you know Gun right were used just like voting laws to control Freedmen? Why do you agree with Slaveowners on African American gun policy?

Hunter Biden Laptop - If a laptop existed with Ivanka having sex with Barron, Nancy Pelosi would be doing fucking backflips in the Senate.

You get the idea. Honesty is always met in a positive way, Just do not talk like you are scared or you are angry.

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Yeah, my industry is almost monopolized by one political perspective, so it feels like going into the middle of a woke mob (or antifa) and trying to debate only one person in the crowd knowing the whole mob will jump you the next second.

I’m getting tired of having to constantly subvert my own opinion for the sake of the group, but I don’t want to put a target on my back from cancel culture, so I’m trying to find a happy medium between the two.

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Don't discuss politics at work. And your public social media should be politics free. Also look for a new job.

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Know any companies in tech (think Facebook or Twitter) that isn’t woke from the top to the bottom? Really trying to find a company that won’t cancel me for my opinions.

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Seemingly all large US companies are at one stage or another on track of the woke-ism train. Ultimately they are all headed towards complete leftist woke BS. Whether they believe it or not, they are heading there because leftists have captured the culture regardless if it is actually desirable to the employees, the majority or not.

I understand you like the stability and likely higher pay that large companies offer. But if working in a woke environment, which does have a "chilling effect" on your workplace interactions will make you hate going to work eventually, you may have to weigh working at a smaller non-woke company that does not partake of woke-ism.

The pay will be lower, it will be less stable, and a host of negatives, but overall it may outweigh the woke-ism you would avoid experiencing.

So that is one option: work at a smaller non woke company and tolerate the downsides.

Your other option is to work remotely so you limit your interactions with woke employees and corporate policy/environment.

Another option is to be a contractor/self employed. You likely will have to have some experience to do this, to have a reputation and built up networking base of clients already established that would hire you. Its difficult to be self employed if you dont already have a reputation for being good at your job.


those are your choices. I would ultimately recommend being self employed because then you could dictate your interactions. But if you are not there yet I would hold on to your current job at this large woke company for as long as you can, try to negotiate working remotely, and semi-actively searching for other jobs that would be pay/benefit comparable and heavily building up your client relationships. My suggestion is all 3 options.

Also look into Gab, the only social media tech company that is outwardly not woke. But according to Andrew Torba, he has had a slew of people in your exact situation looking to make a move too.

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Take down the main clown. Leftists using stereotypes also doesn't work on me because I don't believe all the talking points either side is given. The most hardcore commies have no clue how anything works, so shut down their shit whenever they start up.

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Who gives a fuck what some loser commie thinks about anyone or anything! You tell the truth and look them dead in the eyes and say "eat shit commie"! That don't work knock there fucking teeth out off camera and say they started it!! FUCK COMMUNISM!!

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75% of your coworkers marched with blm? What liberal shithole do you live in? Lol

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Imagine working for a company kinda like Twitter, with a “be less white” HR department, with pride flags in all break rooms during the month of June, and all your coworkers are somewhere between “I voted for Biden” to “anyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi”, and that about sums up the corporate culture I work in. Problem is, my industry is like this everywhere, so anyone who tells me to find a new job have no idea what every company that I could work at is like.

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OF'FICE, noun [Latin officium; ob and facio, to make or do.]

Do you make or do or are you consenting to make or do for others?

RESPECT', verb transitive [Latin respecto, or respectus, from respicio; re and specio, to view.]

What if ALL we can view aka perceive represents predefined information, and each ONE of us has a different understanding aka comprehension of it?

POL'ITICS, noun - "the science of government"

The Science [Latin scientia, from scio, to know aka comprehension] of government (govern/control and ment; from mens/mind). So; Politics - the comprehension of mind control.

If you comprehend mind control (politics) and that others are utilizing it to get mass consent towards making and doing (office) from others, which in return corrupts their perception (respect), then the implication (if/then) for you needs to be...?