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I might be interested in getting into the works of Brian Sanderson and also maybe Robert Jordan.

But with anything literary anymore, especially in the realm of fantasy and science fiction, you gotta wade through the woke retardation in the vain hope that you might stumble over anything that isn't in desperate need of being used as kindling.

So give me a heads up. Are Sanderson's books woke? Are this politics trash? I don't need a MAGA author, just someone who doesn't deserve to be on the business end of a firing squad.

EDIT 6/6: Well the responses have pretty much been unanimous.

Guess I have a new author to look in to.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Got nothing against strong women. That's not woke. Mary Sues and feminazi fuckwits are woke.

Hell, I'm even surprisingly tolerant to gay shit, so long as it's not being grossly pandered to.

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I like you!

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I didn't find his stuff bad at all.

I think all authors do have a bias towards simping a little but that is ingrained

Sanderson does a pretty good job at developing Characters and doesn't make "Mary Sue" types like Blue Ray from Star Wars.

If you want a fun book that pokes the shit out of SJW land

#1 in Customer Service: The Complete Adventures of Tom Stranger
Written by: Larry Correia 
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Correia is the first name in MAGA literature. The guy is an absolute unit.

People who shit on mormons don't know this guy lol.

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I haven’t read all his books but I haven’t gotten the some vibe off of them. He does have leading female characters in them like “Mistborn” which had good moments but also dragged during sections. I did complete his reckoners series about a kid killing superheroes to avenge his dad and would recommend that one. There are strong female characters in that but they aren’t berating David for being a man, and he is a smart character not a useless loser. Read the first chapter of “Steelheart” see if that catches your attention.

I tried reading “The Way of Kings” nothing really woke in that. A more high fantasy setting series, I guess to mimic his finishing of writing the wheel of time series. It just lost my attention. Maybe I’ll try reading it again another time

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No. I’ve read a few of his books and haven’t detected any political messaging. He’s a Mormon so he might be a Mittens fanboy, but he’s a great author who focuses on entertaining the reader.

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LOL, from reading Larry's blog, he is definitely not a fan of mittens :D

EDIT: or were you talking about Sanderson? I didn't know he's mormon.

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Well the responses have pretty much been unanimous.

Guess I have a new author to look in to.

Thanks for the feedback.

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If you have to ask, the answer is probably yes.

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If you have to post such an asinine response, the answer is probably no.