Like Republicans say turn off devices

Was just thinking about how Jews in America are only about 2% of the population correct me if I'm wrong. I think a lot of people who get angry about you talking about Jews comes from them having basically never met one. We're all clued in that probably 98-99, close to 100% of the people we see on the news or in movies and tv shows are all Jews. But a lot of other people don't seem to know that.

Myself, I run into Jews in my day to day life constantly. No matter where I go, what countries I visited (although travel has been off the table for a year or more now), it's like they sense me. Jewish girls, I encounter Jew women all the time, they make up like 20-25% of girls that are interested in me, revolting.

Where are they coming from, do you have similar numbers, or do you never see them.

How about a .win for military supporters/members?

The GPU is a placeholder to see if the one I'll be using (not out yet) will fit. I added the case fans at the bottom as sort of a reminder of which ones to get if needed. They have the lowest decibel rating of those available from my chosen vendor. Someone claimed that the case wouldn't have enough airflow, even though it lets you add numerous case fans. Anyways, I'd appreciate any good feedback I can get on this. My primary goal is to make this as quiet as possible, while also having a good amount of gaming power. I also wanted to stay within a comfortable budget, so some of these pieces aren't cutting edge.


I'm a 28 year old man living by myself in a 500sqft apartment, I struggle with being on the autism spectrum, and grew up misdiagnosed with ADD/ADHD/Depression/Anxiety/Bipolar, I am constantly told how intelligent I am, but I can never find a job I can be happy with or at the very least tolerate for very long. Since 2011 when I graduated high school, I've job hopped so many times, and I struggle to hold any job I've had for longer than 90 days, besides bagging groceries for a year, or knocking on doors selling shit for 7 months.

"why not college?" I spent 6 years in college and only walked away with a worthless associates. Hell I went to a 9 month electrical training program to become an electrical technician, not only did I lose my first electrical job after 3 months, the damn school program shut down the month after I left due to fraud and loss of credibility.

I can't stand most jobs that I'm eligible for at this point, because it's either simple repetitive labor, or customer service which I can't stand and the longer I do it the more contempt I have for humanity. The longest job I've had at this point for over 3 years now is being a glorified taxi driver driving for Uber. "But that's customer service" Yeah but it's more casual, I don't have a middle manager micromanaging me, and if I do fuck up with a customer being an ass, it doesn't cost me my job like it has at other places.

I've also never had a relationship with a women longer than a month, and every other woman I've had dates with have never gone anywhere after the first date. I struggle to date conservative/Trump girls because I'm either too "classical liberal" with some views, and I struggle to date more left leaning girl because I simply voted Trump twice, and too many "right wing views". And with either group they pick up on my somewhat eccentric quirks that has had some genuinely question if I was a fucking serial killer unironically. That hasn't helped my self confidence at all! Dating apps are out of the question because they're a cesspit of ego stroking and worsening self worth and depression.

Friends I have always had very few of. I don't have friends that are easy to call or message to hang out, I don't have a group "crew", "posy", "clan", "boys", etc. and I lone wolf it 98% of the time. I just feel alone and isolated most of the time, and not in a good way.

I've been seeing therapists since grade school and I've lost track of how many different ones I've seen tbh, and I honestly don't know if it's ever really helped me or not.

I just don't know what to do and I'm tired of being in a rut, I hate the job market, I either hate or can't trust most people, and every time I try to open up to others it pushes them away, and at this point I'm holding out for what might as well be a Deus Ex Machina with Q and the plan with Trump and the White Hats + the military taking back power and changing everything for the better. Because I might as well be fucked personally if that turns out to not be the case.

I'm sorry for the rant, I just had to put this out there. Can't post it on Reddit cause they'll give me shit for being a Trump voter, and can't post it on 4chan because they'll just mock me and tell me to kys.

I'm just not living up to my own expectations, what my parents and the world promised me about life, work, and living, and I continually want to withdraw further and further away from society.

Seems that my local county GOP chair says he doesn’t have access to voter rolls, which I find suspect.

How can I access it without knowing the “right people” to get it?


I went searching through my history for a link I lost, and lo and behold, there were dozens of instances from my Win activity.

I don't want Google knowing my Win history. What can I do?

I logged out, then back in through Brave. I made sure Chrome isn't my primary browser, yet any time I click around in the win app, it shows up in Chrome. Is my only option to use the Brave browser and not the win app?

So I live in the PNW and I have decided it's time to sell my home and move. I feel like if I don't make major changes in my life, my depression is going to finally get me.

But I have never left the west coast and I am constantly struggling with the idea to either improve my life or end my life and it seems like most of the time I lean toward the easy option.

My home is a dump though and so even though I own it with no mortgage, if I want to move and get maximum value for it, I have to put some money into it and fix it up.

If I get a loan and put 100K into it, I should hopefully get enough back to pay for a home in Texas (which are so much cheaper than where I live) with enough extra to cover the cost of the move and leave enough to get a Cybertruck when it comes out.

Problem is that I am a tradesman. I am an electrical apprentice who is NOT currently in the apprenticeship and is not working. Trades tend to differ somewhat in terms of licensing and how locals are structured from state to state and I don't know anything about union trades and apprenticeships in Texas. What if I move to Texas and can't get into the local apprenticeship? I am willing to work non union but my goal would be union because despite their problems, when it comes to construction, it is so much better to be a union contractor than non union.

I have been so depressed for so long and I have been wanting to move somewhere else for years, since like 2015ish. I have been a life long conservative but was never really political until about 2018 when Reddit banned TheDonald (which turned me political and made me a huge Trump supporter). So my desire to move isn't entirely motivated by recent events although they play a part. I just have so many concerns/questions. If any Texans here can give me as much advice as possible.

I am looking at the Fort Worth area.

Is there a way to stop videos from auto playing when scrolling through win? I’m sick of sound from random videos that aren’t even on my screen anymore playing when I’m at work

Hi pedes, I need some advice on some things which keeps me on energy during the day. I have tried some Tea and starting to try to use fresh mint now - it feels like it's good but I am not sure for how long. I do not like coffee and wouldn't like to use pills so I would appreciate some more advises on more natural things. Thanks!

Like from when it actually happens to when it’s shown on the tv

I know this should be in Meta, but I can't post it there because that's one of the subs it's happening on. About 80% of .win links lead me to this error page. It happens on Brave on mobile and PC, as well as on Edge on PC. What is causing this? I've tried clearing cache, cookies, history, different browsers, different machines, all of the usual fixes. It still happens about 3 or 4 times out of 5 for most links. Subs and user profile pages.

It was a image post comparing white people to "white" jews, the "white" jew clearly had surgery to look like a white it was on the popular page a few days ago i think, anyone have a link or recall the title?

That is the question...?

I would understand if there is 2 on Reddit but on, there is meant to be no censorship, mod abuse, etc. and you aren't able to make a community by yourself so it would make no sense for u/C (the owner of to make 2 KotakuInActions.

Pretty much as the title says. As someone else said not so long ago, keeping up with all the info, is starting to become a full time job. I have folders covering the main topics of interest to me but all my stuff is starting to get wildly out of control. I know this is a seemingly retarded question but do you guys use any software or methods for keeping it all organized or something easier than just going through all my folders and manually creating new sub folders? I dont think win10 is particularly great for having multiple windows open and doing this. I'm also planning on changing browser and am concerned about carrying over all my bookmarks and figure i may aswel try and get to organising it in a more efficient manner but as it is currently would take forever. Cheers.

What does it mean to you?

A: More or less within spec

B: Exceeds expectations

Curious, because I've heard both interpretations.


For me it's Alaska and the Nebraska Panhandle.

Why are there absolutely no rip jstark comments or posts anywhere on the front page recently? If this is an alternative to r/ruqqus why wouldn't they be saying this to the guy who helped start the whole pro 3d printed guns movement?

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