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Okay so they changed the status of my application to "i was hired" and I'm crossing my fingers that its not a mistake. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Thanks!



you ever see or hear something that shouldnt be out there?

so the admins of reddit are doing bullshit again and might delete r/politicalcompasmemes, maby it would be a good idea to already start a politicalcompass.win just in case

I have a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 (I have had them for about two years) headphones. In the past year, the left headphone starts to screech during take off or landing, and does so for a minute or two. Since this is a relatively recent development, is this an indication that something is wrong with my headphones? Or is the left headphone picking up some kind of air traffic noise?

I got that letter saying that the $1400 was being sent to me soon and it just never came. I don't know what's with that. I got the $600 card and deposited the money some time after I got Joepedo's letter for the $1400. Is there something else I need to do to access this amount?

Also, fuck the IRS. They still owe me a few hundred from my 2018 return.

They are expensive. I was wondering if anyone had personal experience with them??

Most of my friends and I agree that the line is between 18-22. I think it’s weird for grown ass men to wear a jersey with some 25 year old’s name on it. And middle aged men wearing basketball jerseys with or without a player’s name is weird as f.

What does .win think about this?



I can walk and move normally and my mental health is good, but I'm unsure how to get back into the workforce as a software engineer: the career that I love.

I'm 48 years old and have 20 years of software engineering experience.

I'm happy to work for minimum wage just to get back into the industry, but I'm not sure if that'll just scare away employers.

Does anyone has some real world advice about returning to the workforce as a software engineer after a long break?

I want to get a bunch of stickers and other materials printed. Probably do some "Fuck Biden" stickers while I'm at it and don't want to order these through a random company I don't know.

Any idea how to find a based or at least not a bunch of moonbat-traitors sticker company?

Will this be the one that turns us all into rage zombies?

What does this predict for the rest of the year. This is being hyped up in the news. Forced vaccinations, another lockdown. What's your take and prediction.

My prediction is this is when people will lose their cool. The feds will try another CIA op like the capital insurrection. Crack down down for conservatives while the liberal hive mind goes on another rampage.

Looking to get a 15”+ laptop for under $1200. Haven’t kept up with new computer products for at least 10 years, which is when I bought this $150 used all-in-one desktop from a computer repair store that I need to replace. I think that I got my money’s worth, eh?


I have a good amount of equity in my house. Around 200k thanks to Colorado real estate going crazy and the house value rising.

Would it make sense to sell now while the market is high and rent for a few years, or should I hold it? It's a suburban home, so it's not like major homesteading can happen there.

I feel like investing that equity to try and beat the coming inflation might be good to do financially. But at the same time selling the only major asset I own and putting that money in the wallstreet casino might also end terribly

Has anyone else thought about this or other methods to "win" the coming housing and currency bubbles?

Work friendly and not.

To an amateur like me, he seems pretty amazing, I'm just wondering if it only seems that way or if he's actually that good.


An example for me would be when I learned that I could make a microwave run for a minute by pushing "1", instead of "TIME COOK"- "1"-"0"-"0". :-)

It's hard to express how astounded I was at this. It was like I had done something wrong my whole life but had now been shown the way.

another one i took from r

yes i took it from reddit

I've been trying to find examples of fictional characters named Muhammad. Does anyone know of any?


There are upcoming events regarding the local Republican party and local ballot referendums. Is anyone looking to get involved localy?

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