Know a guy from Virginia who's wanting to move (he is very republican btw).

Thanks in advance! Yes, that retard banned me! And I tried following his rules. I apologize for my language if it's offended anyone! I'm just kinda pissed off.

I have many dozens of extended family members that have been double jabbed several months ago and I have heard nothing about bad side effects. Maybe the dangers of the vax are overblown? Or does the ADE kick in this winter? I am still anti jab, but it makes me wonder, having only ever heard bad effects online.

I was riding my bike home this morning after work. A couple points I go down some back alleys by sports fields. Usually there's those brown bunnies. Yesterday quite a few. Similar type of cold but not freezing. Today none.. till almost done then one scampers by. I'm there.. hey.. that's like a lucky bunny. Then I was thinking about those rabbits foot keychain things. I think they use them for good luck. Then I was thinking.. well it wasn't very good luck for the bunny. That seems odd, man. I wouldn't want no fuckin dead rabbit's foot on my keychain. That's probably some fucked up inverse Luciferian illuminati shit where everything's the opposite. You get one of those you actually catch bad luck.

Looking for a job. Company advertises $30/hr field technician work.

Owner calls me, "Well it's $30 per job and most of our jobs are less that 1 hour"

Me: "So, I spend 30 minutes working the job and another 30 minutes preparing for the next job plus travel in the most ideal circumstances?"

Owner: "Umm, YEAH!"

Me: "So, it's really more like $15/hr assuming I don't get stuck in traffic or the job as described isn't entirely accurate and takes longer than 30 minutes, yeah?"

Owner: "Errr, but that's not always the c...."

Me: "And then on top of that I have to pay for my own transportation"

Owner: "But, there's mileage..."

Me: "And then by being a 1099, my income taxes go up 10% and my health case costs 75%. Then I lose PTO and 401K matching"

Owner: "You'll be your own bossssssss......"

Me: *click*

How can I create a new .WIN community?

For me it's the Mississippi Delta.


Title. Thanks.

I know there's a specific term for this ([fill in the blank] issues) I just can't recall what it is.

Hi, I keep hearing this clip on podcasts (war room, info wars, health ranger) with Biden, Harris, Pelosi fauci, et al saying they wouldnt mandate vaccines, passports, masks, etc. Does anyone know where I can find this video? I want to share it with the brain dead sheep.

Some times I hit the save button for a message on .win, and I end up shooting to the top of the post. Fucking annoying.

Optometrists, can I safely coat my glasses with FLUOROALKYLSILANE AqualPel glass treatment???

I am realizing the benefits of oleophobic fluoroalkylsilane which is also hydrophobic, over polydimethylsiloxane.

AquaPel glass treatment is the only source of fluoroalkylsilane that I have found.

Can it put it on my eye glasses?

Sorry to bother you, I was wondering if there is a way to combine my prior accounts? I believe I had one in January 2021 with a Trump Won sign from our garage and started another in spring. And now have this one. They all had pqbqcq or pqbq combo like that. Thanks in advance!

State: CA.

My property manager has been lying for a year and deliberately misleading me about the ownership of the duplex i rent. The upstairs neighbour -a batshit crazy cat CNN lady in her 60s with serious paranoia - is the owner pretending to be just a tenant. She's registered the house to a one-person LLC and doing everything she can to stay anon, while also inserting stupid, pretty shit into the lease renewal. Stupid cat lady dumbassery like prohibiting use of the driveway (even for deliveries) or access to a side gate and ground floor areas. It's barely malicious; just unreasonable, paranoid obstructiveness.

LLC's are perfectly legal, but the issue is she's a raving lunatic passive aggressive control freak who keeps her pets as prisoners and i'm a tenant in-name-only. I had to search the LLC records because the property manager repetitively told me she had nothing to do with the place, but he's said he's leaving as he can't deal with her. The lying is the problem, and she makes visitors uncomfortable with her glaring. God forbid if you pull up in the driveway, which she blocks with car.

She hasn't done much regular crazy yet, but she's so hysterical and delusional you can't reason with her. Generally she keeps herself to herself, but you just know she's the passive aggressive type of Karen twat who clearly believes a tenant is a lodger and wants to be in total control while appearing hands off.

This part of the law is an apparent grey area as she's engaged a property manager as her representative while being a live-in landlord. Rent is always on time, am the model tenant. But it's clearly deceitful: unauthorised "inspections" while popping by, harassing visitors and cable installers etc.

Yes, i plan to move at some point. But... any recommendations on how to restructure things to minimize any BS while i work that out?


So i was browsing Quora (I sometimes ask a question there, or browse its edgy topics) and i found some self harm pictures. I instantly laughed but was also in shock. Am i a psychopath?


I am withholding to pay all future IRS taxes, held in escrow, until Congress is held accountable for theft of stimulous packages passed without legislation authority.

The Power Now Rests On We The People


I am certified in surgical service type work that allowed me to work in a hospital, but I became a stay at home mom 9 months ago. I enjoy staying at home, but I find myself with extra free time now that my baby is older.

I’d like to use my spare time to try to make some extra income to help my husband save for a house so we can get out of this 1br apartment.

I’ve asked this in mom groups on other platforms and the suggestions weren’t very good.

Any suggestions for online certifications that lead to remote work would also be appreciated.


Before I left Reddit I was a frequent reader of r/cscareerquestions and r/ExperiencedDevs. I was thinking about creating something similar here but don’t see a way to do so (currently on mobile).

Anybody here on .win from ‘Tutorials’?

God Bless Mervyn Cadwallader for preparing me for these dire straits. The apocryphal mission of SJSC honors Tutorials in Letters & Science was “To prepare intelligent voters for when The Shit Hits The Fan.”.

Are you pro-choice or pro-life?


If everyone stopped using Facebook and Twitter how are they able to keep their stocks high?

Did everyone really stop? Do these companies have other means of making money?

Any TNS members here on .win, or even MENSA?

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