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Feel free to share things you've done you're proud of, or things you would like to get done by the time the curtain draws on this year.

Stuff I'm proud of having achieved this year:

  • Successful job search
  • Slowly reducing technological distractions (smartphone usage, mindless browsing, internet porn) and increased my time in nature
  • Become much more positive, comfortable with eye contact (not that I was terrible before) especially with women. I feel freer and more comfortable with myself.
  • Maintain fitness and keep on striving towards elite physique and strength regardless of whatever BS/lockdowns there are, they are not going to stop me from my goal!
  • New hobby (online bridge)

Things I've planned and would like to achieve

  • Maintain focus on my career and especially seeking out side-projects to grow my technical expertise. (MUST)
  • Get into some form of DIY
  • Look into volunteering, probably animal welfare (this is must for next year, but a good goal to try and achieve by this year)
  • Build my finances through my career and other investments (MUST)
  • (Maybe if feasible) try and pick up a hobby that's social so I can meet more quality people IRL. Eg: some kind of martial art. This also achieves a pressing goal I have of learning how to fight. This may depend on restrictions where I live, but I'll see what I can do.

Could an internal combustion engine still work? Inject Nos or liquid o2 instead of gasoline?

Would a hot air balloon be possible? Or a blimp? Would be difficult to find a lighter gas?

Airfoils would still work, right? All the same properties, just different 'fluid'.

done video game car builds. cheated engine swaps and just general service. simple questions get simple answers. ;) complex the same.

I know there are a couple kijiji posts but they seem to far away from where I live. I might have to do it as a last resort.

I'm about to move to Texas and I don't really have any experience job hunting since most of the jobs I've held throughout my life have been a result of networking.

So how do you actually go about finding a job in a new place with no connections? Do you move and then look for a job? or should I send out applications now, then when I land a job plan to move? How do you handle interviews and such?

I'm finishing up the second-half of my degree. I already expect my minor to have woke talking points, but I want to know if my major is somehow going to try to teach me communist doctrine rather than programming.

Curious if anyone wished they brought something in their go bag for the day of delivery.


Finding a spouse is becoming a huge problem in conservative circles, especially for people who didn't get redpilled until adulthood. The standard advice seems to be "just meet someone at church," but that's not working out too well for a lot of people. Conservative girls either get married young or they have a super short window of availability. That leaves anyone who missed the window stuck with online dating, and online dating sucks. (Even though I found my spouse that way.)

What do you think would happen if, instead of building more dating sites, we built singles meetups for conservatives? Like, hire somebody to give a salsa dancing lesson and just let people mix like they used to a hundred years ago?

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I deleted my Reddit account almost a year ago and haven't used it regularly for over 2 years. I still feel the urge to go back though. I love the people and the community here way more but the topic selection is just so limited. I can't lie I've been tempted a few times.

Do you still use Reddit or have dropped it completely?

I'm ready to buy a keyboard (or electric piano) to learn music. I was wondering if anyone here had recommendations. Some priorities I have in mind:

  • I live in a small apartment so I don't want anything huge. I think it would be best to not have a stand. I imagine I will be playing the keyboard with it on my lap or desk.

  • I'm not sure what the manufacturing is like for keyboards but one not made in China would be great. I can accept a Chinese-made one though if that's where they are all made (it's an electronic product so it wouldn't be shocking).

If there is anything else I should keep in mind, let me know. I think some keyboards can be connected to computers for music production. Maybe that would be a nice feature.

I hope to get back into music. I had some bills to take care of at the beginning of the year so now I am ready to buy an instrument. I used to play percussion but I don't think drums are great idea for a guy in an apartment. Keyboard interests me because I have read it's a great way to understand music theory (which is good for me, as I'm the kind of person that likes knowing how things work going from the foundation). The other instruments I was considering were the harmonica, the recorder, and the bass guitar. I don't have much experience playing wind instruments and I feel like I'm just going to do jackass stuff with the instruments, like just learning the Mask Off flute or Spongebob sea shanties on the recorder or Sanford and Sons on the harmonica. Bass guitar is far more inline with my interests, and I may get one eventually, but I feel like if I want to learn more about music, then the bass is limited.

I sprayed easy-off on the outside of my oven. It seems to of dulled the color. Any suggestions than repainting it?

They say they won’t censor conservative views and opinions, but Parler also said that and then Amazaon shut them down, which led the sote to having garbage ‘hate speech’ rules. What’s more, in the article I read, Rumble is partnered with Parler.

Does Rumble own it’s own servers? Are they financed by big tech or something? There’s obviously no guarantees in life, but what do they have in place to keep themselves from being shut down?


What is the specific process that must be followed?

For example, how would someone from London get through the borders if they want to fight AGAINST the illegitimate Biden government without immediately getting detained as an enemy combatant?

Would they need to claim they are just tourists?



I personally believe they exist, but there's no actual difference that would be noticed if they weren't constantly flagged up.

It seems pretty damning:

  1. The shooter was black, he is black (how many other black capital policemen could there have been that day?) and the skin tone is the same. Same build too.
  2. He was photographed wearing the same black and white bracelet as the shooter. The only way to explain away that is if there was some sort of bracelet club for all black capital police that he was a part of which seems super gay and unlikely.
  3. he didn't like Trump
  4. he posted stuff on facebook alluding to having been traumatized on that day.
  5. The official statement from the capital police only said that reports David Bailey was involved were "inaccurate" but didn't outright deny it was him.
  6. His google search results are pretty clean, but his duckduckgo results aren't.
  7. He allowed a shooter to shoot steve scalise and other republicans back in 2017. Source:

Overall, it just doesn't seem realistic to think anyone else did it. I don't want an innocent guy to get a bunch of hate but it seems pretty open and shut.


To me, it seems like they’re pushing for a communist society where they can control everyone and everything and fuck kids, though I could be wrong.

The reason I question this theory is because giant corporations (banks, big tech, etc) are heavy supporters of the communist cucks. Why would huge capitalist corporations support this?

Horror movies like Sleepaway Camp and Psycho 4 lump cross-dressing and "gender-identity" to child abuse.

I wouldn't be surprised if movies like that will eventually be cancelled considering that a lot of the genre artists and it's fans are on the Left.


They're money laundering our future. They get their 3rd or 4th house, we get the debt. In the end, we'll be left holding the bill.

I’m looking into purchasing - most likely some gold and silver. The US Mint is understocked and way overpriced. What is a good, reliable way to purchase without getting completely ripped off?

I’m interested in buying Bitcoin. Is there a particular site that anyone could recommend?


See pic related. I finally found a newer album that sounded decent, but it wasn't until I was 4 tracks in that I heard a whiny voice going on about "separating families carelessly" "picking up the bodies" etc.

I know musicians have always been left-leaning, but I thought they used to hide their political messages with analogies and be more artistic about it. This is just straight CNN peddling.

The problem I have is that all the music blogs are dripping with "orange man bad". I literally just want to listen to new music that doesn't have lyrics pulled from CNN propaganda. Why is that so hard to find?


My wife told me Im too negative about politics, economy, and growing race divisions. Like Im starting to stereotype people more (thanks to BLM mostly), and not necessarily in a good way all the time.

I feel like I need to right the ship by meeting good people again before I start stereotyping good people in a bad way and not giving them a chance to prove themselves.

I want to be able to use teams/zoom without my headset, but I also don't want to create a bunch of echo.

Can someone link to some microphone types that they would recommend that have a very narrow band; I don't mind that I'd have to use it up close like when on a stage or something; I just want to be able to put people through my speakers and not need to wear a headset all the time.

I already use RTX Voice and voicemeter pro and they do an amazing job but still not able to go without the headset and I'm using an AT2020USB+ for a mic at the moment. Which depending on position does a decent job of not picking up anything behind it its a decent mic so picks up the reflections.

And I get that I can't turn the speakers up to 11 and there will be acceptable ranges things will work in, right now the acceptable range is very low and I'd like to raise it up)

I'm only assuming that a mic with a narrow band is the way to go, I'm no audio guy and could be way off base, maybe this is more just solved with some foam dampeners? Thoughts, ideas?

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