Originally started looking for ivermectin, but the horse paste has been an adequate solution for me so far. But now the wheels are turning about other useful drugs.

Probably good to have some anti-bacterial like amoxicillin on hand. Muscle relaxers seem useful too.

In a more 'SHTF' mindset, a powerful pain killer makes sense. As does Adderall.

What are the legalities involved here? Not really looking to risk prison just to have 3 vicodin (or whatever) in my first-aid kit.

Any other must-haves to put on the wish list?

What about minimum orders? Not really looking to spend $500, but also have no desire to spend $50 and get sugar pills.

About 10 years ago, i swear i read/skimmed a website and documentation about a plan to vaccinate the world by 2020 or 2030. I think it was called CODEX or COMEX. Wondering if there are archived copies anywhere. I wasnt as into conspiracies back then, and this one was a little too far out at the time.

12 years software development experience. Currently senior level. Never have received a promotion, yet some idiot that meets the diversity quota with no knowledge in software gets hired as a manager at my company. I’m really starting to lose my mind. Any suggestions?

I am shopping around for pistol length .300 blackout uppers, and would like some feedback as this is my first time buying for .300 blackout. I am considering purchasing from PSA as they have cheaper uppers, but want to put accuracy and dependability pver cost as this will be used gor home defense.

I don't care what genre they are. But I'm so sick of not being able to find good stuff to listen to without a host saying some political shit. Right now all I listen to is Savage nation, true crime garage, the fact hunter and my new favorite war stories official. Anybody got any shows they want to share?

I have seen the link to create a community but there is apparently an approval process to be able to use it. How do I start this approval process?

Something like this first result : https://www.bps101.net/lockout_lockdowndrill/#:~:text=A%20lockout%20secures%20the%20perimeter,(to%20the%20extent%20possible).

At BPS101, we use the terms “lockout” and “lockdown.” While they may sound similar, the procedures for each are very different.


A lockout secures the perimeter (doors and windows) of a building to minimize exposure to a safety threat outside, such as criminal activity in the area.

During a lockout, no person (parent, student, staff member, guest, etc.) may enter or leave the building and classes will proceed as usual (to the extent possible). A lockout ends when the police department confirms that the threat has passed.

In a lockout situation, the school(s) involved will post the sign at right in the front door window to alert visitors of the situation.

Lockdown A lockdown is a physical response to an imminent safety threat inside the building, such as an intruder or attacker. A lockdown response is situational and may include running away, hiding in a secure space, or even fighting the attacker. In a lockdown, staff members and students will evaluate their options to determine safest course of action.

In either a lockdown and lockout, schools will act with the safety of students and staff in mind, and school officials will always in coordination with police and fire departments. So that we can keep our focus and effectively manage our emergency resources, we kindly ask that you do not attempt to contact us during a lockout our lockdown. We will always communicate with parents as soon as it is practicable—our first priority is keeping students safe.

► View more information about the BPS101 Emergency Plan >

So what's your experience with the 1st one where doors are locked but classroom activity goes as normal as possible? How did your day go?


Just a quick how to question. Thanks.

Since the gubmint takes so much of my income to give to illegals and pay for tranny propaganda in pakistan, i want it back. Also its genuinely difficult to maintain my standard of living with the rising costs of everything, especially gas.

Im a single white male, certified in trades, income gross about 60,000.

Can i get by without sacrifices? Maybe. But why struggle to prosper when freeloaders skate by with the same or better?


I would personally pick Push It To The Limit (aka that song from Scarface).

I was recently given a job offer and I accepted it but I just got an email from them today asking to provide proof of vaccination on my first day. I figured it would come up eventually but vaccination status/expectations was never discussed during the interview process. What is the easiest way to handle this, tell them I'm not vaccinated and risk losing the offer or have a friend make me a card and risk getting in bigger trouble if caught? What alternatives are there?

Everything I have read about the topic always seems to boil down to "Whites have no community, culture, cuisine etc. so that means you can't capitalize the proper adjective White but you MUST capitalize the proper adjective Black."

How does that make any damn sense??

I am wondering what exactly are the most controversial topics in regards to the .win network?

I obviously mean subjects that cause fighting on this site.

I want to understand the circumstances leading to it, the founding fathers and how they came to be, the thought process and beliefs that led to the values we share, and the documents that we base our law on. I want to know the history of the war from its start to end.

Please help me develop this list of books. Throw everything you can at me

Everyone else seems to work....

Serious question.


is there a way to block a community? i am not interested in seeing that dumpster fire of a stream community

We need to repent and return to Christ


But since we don't have one: I just finished watching Vikings, so I'm scouting for a new show to watch. I watched the first episode of a show titled, "The Head". It seems interesting, but I get the feeling that it's going to ram Climate Change propaganda down my throat. Has anyone already seen it? How woke is it?

Two of mine are (1) playing football with my cousins and (2) watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving specials on TV.


I torture my wife who is non political with this stuff. I question sometimes if its just in my head because Im consuming only conservative media sites and its not real or as big of a deal as Im making it.

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