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Welcome to the first General Animal Questions megathread!

Just to introduce myself, my name is Wolfgirl and I am a mod alongside u/SimianDespot for c/Animals! I have an emotional support registered cat named Mimi (she is a diluted Tortoiseshell cat) who I got from the shelter last year, and a dog named Buster (He's a purebreed Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog) who we got as a puppy 7 years ago.

What is this thread for?

This thread is for asking any general questions such as care help, animal suggestions, tips, sales going on for new pet owners... anything animal question related!

How long is this thread up for?

Every Friday one of the mods will be replacing the sticky with a new question thread, and link back to the prior one... in case your question may already be answered.

Thank you for posting all of your lovely animals, it is so great to see all your amazing pets and creatures in the world! ❤

== WolfGirl

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To start off with, if you're looking to buy a new tank for any fish or reptile, I would suggest waiting until the $1 a gallon petco sale for a tank. I got my 5 gallon fish tank for my old beta fish for $5 with that sale; I was able to buy more things to decorate my tank with (rocks, statues, etc.) with the money I saved.

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