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Whether you think the idea that no human differences can exist is a misguided idea or not, there is one simply way to make sure that government never acts on any misguided dogma to our disservice, which is to not have government acting at all.

There is nothing wrong with recognizing the potential for human differences in an ancap philosophy if we all have a firm recognition that the NAP is extended to all. Recognition of the potential for these differences also encourages a more lazie faire approach to addressing differences in outcomes, recognizing that government response may not be able to address some underlying causes that may be unaddressable in general, and recognizing that acceptance of differing outcomes is ok. We don't all have to be the same, and we don't have to hate either.

But the longer government attempts to act against reality the less successful it becomes, and the more likely it is to put infinite resources towards a cause that due to dogma generated misunderstanding can never yield a sought outcome.

The "scientific" conclusion that all races are the same was not scientific at all as such "proof" originated from Richard Lewontin, a marxist, who admitted to shaping his conclusions around marxist principles, and admitting to stifling debate by focusing it on emotions rather than honest scientific discourse. Thus scientific discourse wasn't allowed and thus no science exists because science is the product of certain principles being applied in a community, including the open discussion of a topic on rational rather than emotional terms. The science is not concluded.

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