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On memorial day patriots win had stuff pinned all day about veterans who died due to the holiday. But mods also pinned an anti taxation post too which had great comments on it. What do you guys think of this contradiction of people being pro memorial day for those who died in war yet also anti taxation? Do you think there's a contradiction? (Sorry I'm a week late for this)

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There is a contradiction between blanket support of the military and being anti taxation, but not necessarily between memorial day and anti taxation.

There tends to be a lot of overlap between supporting the military as a whole and memorial day to be sure, but it's definitely possible to memorialize those who died in war without supporting war or the military industrial complex. Many people who died in war had literally no choice, they were conscripted. And of course there's a scale there between being conscripted, having little choice of volunteering, and being brainwashed.

I don't have anything against veterans, unless they still haven't realized that the second invasion of Iraq was BS. Or if they think civilians should lick their boots for them doing something they wanted to do on the dime of taxpayers.

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A lot of conservatives there who are usually against taxation, but not in the same way an Ancap is against taxation. I didn't see the post, but usually they are OK with taxes in general - they just want them drastically lowered. Perhaps income tax removed but property taxes, corporate taxes, or tariffs to fund the military. In fact many conservatives would say taxes should pay for the military and nothing else.

Also the mods there (probably anywhere) are contradictory in general. It's different people with different agendas.

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I'm a veteran myself and I'm not trying to make light of those who died. Just trying to analyze the ideology is all.