I think the State Sucks.

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On memorial day patriots win had stuff pinned all day about veterans who died due to the holiday. But mods also pinned an anti taxation post too which had great comments on it. What do you guys think of this contradiction of people being pro memorial day for those who died in war yet also anti taxation? Do you think there's a contradiction? (Sorry I'm a week late for this)

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This is in response to a post in here I saw. Haven't checked here in awhile. Didn't want my response to be buried in a month old posts comment section, the people here really need to post more often.

Anyway for the guns against tyranny thing you need to draw a line in the sand that can't be crossed no matter what. Even if the boil the pot is used and the enemy only pushes a little bit we have that line in the sand to hold firm against. If the normies are too stupid and there is no widespread resistance then well "boating accidents" are a thing. Any one on here know on what the government requires to prove you lost your gun.


Most CEO's today, don't make their money by providing goods and services to the market, they make the bulk of their money from stock buybacks financed (indirectly) by the central bank. The minute they decided to do the 2008 bailout, this was inevitable. The central bank set interest rates to zero for 10 years to "save the system". But the thing is, if your corporation (for example) was earning 7% per year, and the Fed is loaning into the market at 0-1% per year, then this guarantees that an infinite amount of money is going to flood into buying your stock till that value gets maxed out.

None of these corporations are beholden to the market anymore, they are all beholden to the system. Every last one of them is sucking the tit of the government imposed central bank to get their milk. Of course, not even stock buybacks can make your company survive if you can't produce anything of value for the market. But the system has a solution to this too, have the government effectively print up money and bail everybody out all the time. Once again, they have become more beholden to the government than ever.

However, the market is not just about a bunch of assholes throwing around money. The market is also a tool for clearing out behavior and actions that are unproductive for society. When the market isn't allowed to perform that clearing function, then unproductive behavior tends to grow out of control like a cancer, create instability, and overrun society. And behold, now we have woke culture and political insanity everywhere.

Small buisness should. A small buisness should have the right to turn down a customer because its against their religion or creed.

However, once a buisness becomes international, once it becomes a board and something bigger than itself, it should become a public entity with certain obligations to service constitutional rights, not recive them.


Facebook claims Floridas new law censors their right to free speech, because Facebook sees itself as having the rights of a person. It doesnt, it shouldnt.

Walmart shouldn't have the right to turn away people who haven't been vaccinated.

Could a mom and pop shop? Sure. Its their right.

Yet some places would starve without access to mega corporate shoping centers. If Walmart, Target, and dollar stores banned together to deny service to a demographic, that would be catestrophic.

Idk. Im uncertain on how the law actually works, its just an observation I felt like sharing.


It seems the leftists have seized every government institution based on philosophical premises that all government institutions are socialist by their very nature, so all you need to do is push the right buttons and pull the right strings to co-opt those institutions and use them to impose authoritarian leftist views. They have become experts at co-opting any centralized authority, even the Catholic Church. Normally, a market based system balances out their extremes because people who listen to them lose profit, but because of the low interest rates and the constant stock bubbles, not even corporate USA has been able to contain them anymore.

So now the conservatives, after getting a big fat juicy FU during the last election cycle, have finally woken up to that the leftists are not just people with differing opinions, but actual mortal enemies who are at war with them. But I think they are perusing the wrong strategy. Too many think the problem is that to mush liberalism in the culture allowed to much leftism, and if we just weed that out, the culture and the government will fall back into line. They also ironically want to keep the artificially low interest rates, which ironically feed the leftist beast.

But the truth is, as long as the government does our health care, education, retirement, and military ventures, they will not and can not stop always pulling towards extreme leftism. Government inside of these institutions, by it's very nature, removes market accountability and replaces it with political accountability. The leftists are wrong about everything else, but are actually right about the nature of state power. So basically this sets things up to be this constant battle between leftists who are experts at co-opting the state, and conservatives who are trying to do the impossible task of making state power work for them, and libertarians will be stuck right smack in the middle of this battle.

does it have a proper name? let me know what you think, and maybe educate me a bit if you're so inclined


Using the "velocity of money" to measure inflation is dangerous. To illustrate my point, consider somebody at a ski resort measuring the velocity of snow coming down the mountain. So a big snow-storm hits, and the snow sticks, and so the velocity of snow coming down the mountain is very slow. Then another big snow storm hits, and once again, the snow sticks and the velocity of money is very slow. Maybe at this point, the people measuring the velocity of snow are complacent. But then another snow storm hits, and boom, something breaks and you have an avalanche, and everybody in the town at the bottom of the hill is dead.

In a way, this is like the US dollar. The dollar is very familiar, everybody uses it, everybody is in debt with it. Because of that, it sticks. Dollars rain down, and nothing bad happens. Then they do another round, and once again, dollars rain down, and nothing bad happens. But then at time point, the pressure overwhelms the system, and boom, the whole thing goes to hell.

Measuring the velocity of money is like measuring the velocity of snow. It doesn't tell you any useful information, till it does, at which time it is beyond too late. The important measure is not the velocity of money, but the misallocation of capital in the system. The total money supply, and the rate at which it increases is is far more useful and relevant to that measure than the velocity of money.

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