first you need to know the term "salami slicing" meaning doing stuff and stop short of a reaction, like CCP does with the artificial islands

guns are like nukes, county that have nukes need a serious reason to use them so small pokes aka slice is not a good excuse to use a nuke

guns dont work against tyranny, simple because people needs a valid reason to make armed revolution or similar, but people are not institutions like that army, the army needs a good excuse to use a nuke so is not removing the conventional stuff, people got lazy and consider the guns the only and ultimate defence this is the main issue they are still waiting for the big battle rifle in hand but that big decisive battle wont even happen because everything is sliced is little barely noticeable increments

if you think i have a point please spread this far and wide

I'm sure like everything else there are various opinions on this, at least I haven't found anything definitive. Curious what you randos think.

I read in some presentation (can't remember the author) that spectrum rights would just be like land rights: the first person to broadcast on a frequency (appropriate the frequency) over a specific area has claimed stake on that frequency and owns it until abandoned/transferred. I see many limitations to that approach, technical and practical.


So in case you don’t know, a banana republic is when a single company controls the Government & caries out all of its services like roads & public education & transportation. When this happens, the private company essentially becomes the Government. The term came from when a bunch of banana companies basically did all of the government “services” for tax exemptions. These exemptions gave them more of an edge in the marketplace than they had before since they can make sell their bananas cheaper than before while other smaller farmers are forced to sell them as their higher price, putting them out of business & forcing them to sell to the banana monopoly. But why stop there, the BR can sell oil, guns, diamonds, stocks & sell sea shells by the sea shore. They can manage the “Government’s” military for even more tax deductions. This gets me down to what a government is, a concentration of power, an elected official with no power over its subordinates aren’t part of the actual government. Big Tech is a government since it’s a collection lobbyists & very rich CEOs who bribe officials & control the narrative of the political climate & your “free” “speech”. These BRs we’ve talked about controlled most of the means of production, & therefore socialist

So I work in an area closely related to the wholesale industry and when the pandemic hit, I expected the factories and wholesalers to massively increase prices on face masks and wipes and such. Well, they did, but they didn't.

Maybe 20-30% per quarter, which is high, but they could have easily increased them 500% to 1000%.

Then it hit me. Many of these factories have close relationships with their wholesalers, and wholesalers close relationships with the retail stores. They negotiate in long term pricing, and they don't want to screw it up. If they massively increased prices to balance out supply and demand, it would kick the door wide open for competitors to jump into the market and undercut them.

The reason they hate price gougers, has nothing to do with them making a massive profit, and everything to do with competitors having a chance to get their foot in the door to compete with them and create new distribution channels. These large companies hate and despise competition, and for the most part can keep it in check by keeping profit margins thin. But occasionally, crazy events come along and threaten to turn over the apple cart.

In sum, I learned that the media hatred of price gouging isn't about greedy sellers, but about large greedy corporations wanting to cling on to distribution and supply monopolies.

Yes, it is real.

Yes, you can easily be put on the list for your beliefs.

While people imagine that only individuals like NSA whistleblowers Bill Binney and Karen Stewart could end up on such a list (both have stated that they are Targeted Individuals and are being tortured by energy weapons), you can easily end up on the list for what you believe in. Suzie Dawson, for example, a journalist, activist, and who works closely with WikiLeaks, ended up as a Targeted Individual. I also ended up on the list because I was working on a propaganda film showing that the government is evil.

Why am I writing this post?

Because when they hit you, they hit you HARD and you'll have no idea what the hell is going on. Their goal is to get you to kill yourself. They lighten up the attack/change their methods as victims start to figure things out and will try to get evidence (security cameras, EMF detectors, etc.), but they don't want to get discovered. Like I said when they first hit your hard their goal is to get you to kill yourself. By knowing about the program, you're less likely to do that.

"But I would never kill myself."

They'll use your Internet porn history, other disgusting online habits, and secrets (like private conversations in your home) they've collected on you over the years. And they make sure that you know that your neighbors, your community, and your family know about them. And they'll use law enforcement, military officers, and other government agents to harass you to the point that you think they're going to kill you anyway. But your suicide is what they're really hoping for. As it's a clean kill for them. Again, the best way to defend yourself is to know about the program ahead of time. This way it won't be such a shock. Mentally prepare yourself.

So what is the program? Who runs it?

While we can't say for sure who heads the operation (though the mounting evidence is pointing the finger more and more at the DHS fusion centers and the US military, and yes they appear to work closely together), it seems like almost every agency is involved one way or another: NSA, CIA, FBI, NRO, DoD, etc. Do you have any proof of this?

Besides all the personal accounts (what, the whole world is suddenly suffering from schizophrenia?), we have legal proof from Jesus Mendoza who has shown that the NSA, CIA, and FBI are directly involved in energy weapon torture of US citizens. What do I do about it if I end up getting on the list? That's the million dollar question. TIs (Targeted Individuals) have tried to run to others countries only to have the harassment follow them there (which strongly suggests it is the US military with all their bases and men around the world). Many have also tried shielding, but those who have been successful basically walk around with armor, lead vests, and build bunkers to protect themselves. While it sounds like I'm saying "I don't know," I do know the first thing to do is to educate yourself about the program and these weapons.

Targeting tends to go through two phases:

Gangstalking - being harassed and followed by local police and your neighbors to cause you distress and is done in such a way that you look crazy if you complain.

Energy weapon torture and other psychotronics - tends to follow gangstalking after a year or more if you haven't successfully been "reeducated" (i.e. you haven't stopped being anti-government). These weapons are invisible, can go through walls, can be focused like a laser, and are used with through-the-wall cameras. This way, even if you are in a house full of people, only you will experience the torture. And, again, if you complain about it you look crazy. Havana syndrome is a good example of what to expect.

They'll try their best to make it feel like you are losing your mind. They have other technologies that are hard to believe like controlling the ads you get on your computer (they are very menacing, are very specific to your life, and they seem to suggest that you should kill yourself) and V2K (you literally have that voice in your head say things you aren't even thinking).

Like I mentioned before, education is the first step, but after that you should reach out to other victims and your fellow libertarians and anarchists. Remind them that eventually EVERYONE with your beliefs are going to end up in the program. Our numbers are increasing every day. So it is in their interest to help you now. Here are some other good sources for information:

r/psychotronics r/SurveillanceStalking r/psychotronicweapons r/SatelliteSurveillance r/EMDefense r/TIVictims r/IllusionOfFreedom

New to ancap ideology, curious to know more.


I'm not trying to gossip between wins. What do you think of Consume Product? I went on it (like cringe anarchy on reddit) because it's kinda fun in a sensational way. Then I realized it's not sensational. It's much sincere than much of T_D which does pander some. Consume Product is very direct. Many are fascists and neo Nazis. They hate the left and believe the left can't be reasoned with. They put culture above else. So I think libertarians of many stripes could learn a bit from their views on culture (well a bit on the conservative cultural side). They seem to understand that many people won't change. Though I think there's much truth in this, there's also bigotry. They call libertarians "lolbarts" or something. So it's the inverse to here. They don't seem to care about economics. It's been a while but I'd like to rebut fascist economics with stuff against their views. So to them they think they're on the right but to many here they're on the left. They're on the right in a way that they're the left's caricature of the right in general. But, they are proud of that point.

Pure anarchy isn't the ideal for me. After playing the video game This War of Mine some years ago, I did some research into the absolute horror show that was the Yugoslav Wars and especially the Bosnian War. People eating rats to survive. Soldiers gunning down civilians "just to be sure". No heat in winter.

Maybe its the residual traces of Left wing brainwashing, but the idealist in me dies hard, and I would hope for a State that respects and protects its citizens from harm. I LIKE law and order when it serves the citizen.

Post the stolen election, we no longer have that. Maybe we never did. The Federal government is a machine that exploits our wealth and our labor for multinational corporations. Retards like antifa scree about capitalism while serving as the footsoliders for Apple, Disney, ((yadda yadda)), on top of being mindless consoomers.

Conflict is going to continue to escalate. Terrorists groups like BLM and Antifa have the full blessing of Feds and the MSM propaganda mill will never stop attacking citizens. It is only logical to assume WE AS CITIZENS HAVE NO RIGHTS as far as the State is concerned (we still have our God given Rights tho).

The only peaceful solution I can see is secession from the Union, and we all know how that turned out for the Confederates.

Ethnonats are crack smoking twats playing right into the Globalist hands becoming the boogeymen they want all white men to be. I will always believe that individual merit matters more than flesh.

I wish to learn more about the Ancap position, because it looks to me the only rational, viewpoint left.

11 "case of geoanarchism, the most radically decentralized and scrupulously voluntarist form of geolibertarianism, Foldvary theorizes that ground rents would be collected by private agencies and persons would have the opportunity to secede from associated geocommunities—thereby opting out of their protective and legal services—if desired"


That is all.

Looks like the vaccine is going to be essentially mandatory for work. Indefinite PPE required for the rubes that don’t get it. Anyone know the dimensions of the vaccine card? I have the form just need specifics on the card itself. Any help would be appreciated.

That is all

the market provides (
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Always bugged me to concede this point. Anarchy is right-libertarian by default. The way it's rightfully expressed, not like in its current state with it myopically hating the police and joining in with BLM, is to push moderately at home and viciously towards China. You guys are basically saying "biological male".

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