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Version (10/27/2020) fixes a bug where some users would get logged out after several minutes of inactivity.

This was caused by an update where we adjusted our 'remember me' cookie from prefixing the domain value with a period, which meant that the old cookies were no longer valid and caused the user to be logged out. When they logged back in, a new cookie was set without the preceding period, leaving them with two cookies.

Version (10/27/2020) fixes a bug with our previous comment overhaul, which broke the context view.

Additionally, it has been streamlined to only show direct parent comments, rather than also all of the children of all of the parents.

Version (10/26/2020) fixes an issue where save folders would sometimes show a maximum of 26 results.

Version (10/26/2020) improves on our local caching, reducing unnecessary trips to Redis.

Version (10/25/2020) completely reworks how we handle comments.

There's a few noticeable differences:

  • a parent comment now only shows up to five child comments
  • child comments will be sorted correctly (previously if you sorted by new for example, child comments would not be sorted by new)

It provides a significant performance boost and grants a lot more control and customization to us, with what we can output. Previously, we were not realistically able to algorithmically determine whether or not to show children, how many to show, etc. We haven't yet utilized this new control, other than limiting the number of children shown to five - this allows us to show more parents instead of massive chains of children. Soon, we'll add a "show more comments" button where comments are cut off.

This is part one of a two part update.

Version (10/12/2020) adds support for post flairs.

Moderators can now configure the post flairs in their community - if they have the 'manage stylesheet' permission.

On the post flair configuration page, flair text and tag can be set. The tag can be used for styling with CSS, for example if you set your flair's tag as "fire", you can style your flair with the following:

.post-flair[data-flair=fire] {
    background-color: #ec3838;
     color: #fff;
    border-color: red;

Moderators can set a custom text when adding a flair, but users must stick to the options configured by moderators.

Version (10/11/2020) is a final batch of miscellaneous changes proceeding with more useful updates.

This fixes an issue where the "Create a Post" button on the sidebar did not respect a community's default post type preference.

It also changes many instances of "Submit" to "Save", and standardizes both error and success messages.

Finally, the bottom of the sidebar has been updated to include a little more information, including a five digit server ID.

Version (10/10/2020) overhauls how we handle saves, similarly to the previous update which impacted hiding posts and blocking users.

Version (10/08/2020) includes a number of miscellaneous changes aimed at improving monitoring instances, and better handling of large comment threads.

These updates would ordinarily go unspoken of, batched with other updates. Due to a cluster of these changes, they were deployed on their own - and in the interest of transparency and documenting every version number, this is a post.

Version (10/09/2020) overhauls how we handle hiding and blocking.

The only visible difference will be that now only your latest 1,000 hides and blocks will be utilized.

The expectation is that this won't impact legitimate users.

Version (10/05/2020) adds validation to the community filter.

Moderators can manage their filter (aka AutoModerator) but it previously wouldn't validate the configuration when updating.

In, it will now validate on save and return an error (including which rule is incorrect) if needed.

Version (10/05/2020) overhauls our sitewide configurations.

We've always had settings to enable and disable things such as posting, commenting, signing up, logging in, viewing the site as a guest, levels of spam protection, and so on.

This was built for a version of Win which was at worst two or three fixed servers. Settings were individual to each instance (saved in memory) and changes to one instance weren't automatically propagated to others, and a fixed, default configuration was loaded when an instance started up. This made the settings effectively useless in a cloud (or container) environment.

Settings are now database-backed and immediately take effect on all instances.

Version (10/05/2020) included major backend changes, but nothing that should be visible.

This change allows us to serve multiple Win communities from a single instance, rather than having to run one Win instance per community.

This made monitoring, updating, and auto-scaling the communities difficult - and also meant that with every new community added, the ongoing workload increased.

Version (09/20/2020) fixes an issue with saving posts.

For several months, there's been rumors that saved posts disappear from your save folders.

The responsible bug has been identified and fixed in

We've added new error pages that you might see in place of Cloudflare's defaults.

This is better for numerous reasons, one of which being that we can easily provide an update if there's ongoing issues, which we couldn't do with the previous Cloudflare error messages.


Version (09/05/2020) centralizes the generation of listings (such as new, rising, top, and hot) for all communities in one application.

Previously, each instance of Win would generate its own listings. Each Win community has at least one instance, and some communities can have ten or more.

Generating listings causes a CPU spike which causes issues with autoscaling.

In the event that the listing generator fails, instances will fallback to generating their own listings.


Version (08/23/2020) adds support for NeatClip and Twitch Clips embeds.

Version (08/23/2020) adds support for animated GIF uploads.

Previously, GIF uploads would be static.

Version (08/23/2020) adds a vote breakdown for posts.

The post vote breakdown only shows on post pages, and not in listings or profiles.

This follows an update last month where we added a comment vote breakdown.

Version (08/22/2020) fixes an issue where the "Preview Mode" for new comments was broken.

This bug was introduced in an earlier update where we added formatting and preview options to the post and message creation forms.

Version (08/22/2020) fixes an issue where users could vote in communities in which they are banned.

Initially, users could not vote in communities in which they were banned.

In an earlier update which was part of our effort to support multiple communities, this functionality broke.

It's now been re-enabled, but are open to discussion on whether this is the right action.

Version (08/22/2020) fixes an issue where moderators could not set flairs for other users.

While moderators had the option to set a flair on other user's posts, it didn't save due to an issue introduced in an earlier update.

Version (08/03/2020) adds a new test feature which allows moderators to provide context for posts.

In fast moving communities, it's sometimes hard to keep up with the meaning behind memes and other content.

We've added a new button for moderators where they can set a link which explains the topic.

For example, if the front page has memes about bears, that could be confusing if you haven't visited the community earlier in the day. It'd perhaps be useful for a "(context)" link beside the post author's username, which links you to the original post which explains the bear situation.

As a demonstration, I have set an example context for this post - which you can find beside my username.


Version (08/02/2020) fixes an issue with the dynamically updating comment score breakdown. began dynamically updating the comment score breakdown.

This incorrectly visually adjusts the comment score breakdown for all child comments, as well as the intended target comment.

Update by Trinadin.

Version (08/01/2020) fixes an issue in the previous update which broke moderator mail.

Moderator mail was unavailable for around an hour. Users could still send mail, but moderators were temporarily unable to access the inbox.

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