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At this time, don't trust sites that claim to be affiliated, but are not listed here.

Version (09/20/2020) fixes an issue with saving posts.

For several months, there's been rumors that saved posts disappear from your save folders.

The responsible bug has been identified and fixed in

We've added new error pages that you might see in place of Cloudflare's defaults.

This is better for numerous reasons, one of which being that we can easily provide an update if there's ongoing issues, which we couldn't do with the previous Cloudflare error messages.


Version (09/05/2020) centralizes the generation of listings (such as new, rising, top, and hot) for all communities in one application.

Previously, each instance of Win would generate its own listings. Each Win community has at least one instance, and some communities can have ten or more.

Generating listings causes a CPU spike which causes issues with autoscaling.

In the event that the listing generator fails, instances will fallback to generating their own listings.


Version (08/23/2020) adds support for NeatClip and Twitch Clips embeds.

Version (08/23/2020) adds support for animated GIF uploads.

Previously, GIF uploads would be static.

Version (08/23/2020) adds a vote breakdown for posts.

The post vote breakdown only shows on post pages, and not in listings or profiles.

This follows an update last month where we added a comment vote breakdown.

Version (08/22/2020) fixes an issue where the "Preview Mode" for new comments was broken.

This bug was introduced in an earlier update where we added formatting and preview options to the post and message creation forms.

Version (08/22/2020) fixes an issue where users could vote in communities in which they are banned.

Initially, users could not vote in communities in which they were banned.

In an earlier update which was part of our effort to support multiple communities, this functionality broke.

It's now been re-enabled, but are open to discussion on whether this is the right action.

Version (08/22/2020) fixes an issue where moderators could not set flairs for other users.

While moderators had the option to set a flair on other user's posts, it didn't save due to an issue introduced in an earlier update.

Version (08/03/2020) adds a new test feature which allows moderators to provide context for posts.

In fast moving communities, it's sometimes hard to keep up with the meaning behind memes and other content.

We've added a new button for moderators where they can set a link which explains the topic.

For example, if the front page has memes about bears, that could be confusing if you haven't visited the community earlier in the day. It'd perhaps be useful for a "(context)" link beside the post author's username, which links you to the original post which explains the bear situation.

As a demonstration, I have set an example context for this post - which you can find beside my username.


Version (08/02/2020) fixes an issue with the dynamically updating comment score breakdown. began dynamically updating the comment score breakdown.

This incorrectly visually adjusts the comment score breakdown for all child comments, as well as the intended target comment.

Update by Trinadin.

Version (08/01/2020) fixes an issue in the previous update which broke moderator mail.

Moderator mail was unavailable for around an hour. Users could still send mail, but moderators were temporarily unable to access the inbox.

Version (08/01/2020) fixes a significant issue that we came across today.

When you create a comment, a database entry is inserted and an incremental ID is assigned. That entry is then immediately edited based on the ID for the purposes of comment nesting.

In the event that this fails - which it didn't even once in the first almost four million comments, the comment will be interpreted as both the parent and the child of every other comment.

This means that when you load a post, the comment section will be in a loop - it will render the same comments endlessly.

Since this is rendered on the server side, it's a significant issue which impacts the network's stability. As a result, this fix has been deployed across all Win sites immediately.


Version (07/31/2020) dynamically updates comment vote breakdowns.

In a recent update, we made public the raw number of upvotes and downvotes that a comment has.

Unlike the score, the upvote and downvote breakdown didn't dynamically change when voting. In this update, when you vote, the breakdown will immediately change.

Update by Trinadin.

Version (07/31/2020) now returns you to the page through which you logged in.

For example, if you login in via the sidebar when viewing a post, you will now be returned to that post after being logged in.

Previously, you would have always been redirected to the front page.

Version (07/29/2020) jumps ahead two fairly substantial releases of our framework (Spring).

This update will be released slowly to ensure that nothing breaks.

Version (07/27/2020) adds formatting options when creating posts and comments.

Previously, formatting options were only available when creating and editing comments, but not when creating posts and messages.

In, you can use the formatting buttons as well as the Preview Mode when creating posts and private messages.

Version (07/27/2020) makes a slight improvement to the way that moderators can manage their community report options.

Version (07/27/2020) adjusts how we handle early cache eviction.

Previously, we'd have to evict far too much cached content whenever we needed to evict a cache early, which meant that we rarely did it.

We're now evicting only the exact content that needs evicting.

This means that in a future update we can implement a lot more on-demand cache eviction, which will help the site feel more responsive.

An example of this is when editing a post. Currently after editing, it'll immediately show as edited, but if you refresh the page, it'll likely show the cached, pre-edit version of the post for up to 60 seconds. In this situation, it'd be best to evict that cache on-demand so that those edits are reflected immediately.

Version (07/27/2020) changes how we store IP addresses.

As outlined in our Privacy Policy, we store the latest IP address for each logged in user. This is overwritten every time that it changes.

As part of our effort to minimize the data that we hold on users, we're now hashing (and peppering) the IP addresses that we store.

This follows a change two months ago where we hashed (bcrypt) email addresses.

The reason that we store any IP addresses is so that we can detect networks of malicious accounts, which means that we need the hash of two identical IPs to be the same. We can't realistically salt the IP addresses, because then the values for two identical IPs would not match. We will reconsider this in the future.

Version (07/26/2020) adds support for community icons.

Community moderators can now upload an image (PNG or JPG) on the community settings page.

This will converted into a variety of sizes for favicons and metadata, which will therefore be used in areas such as social media snippets, browser tab bars, and home screen icons.

Thanks in part to wethepepe.

Version (07/25/2020) adds beta support for wiki pages.

Moderators can now create wiki pages within their community.

This is a link to an example wiki page.

Version (07/25/2020) again updates the hot feed logic.

An error in the previous update at the start of the month meant that it didn't work as intended in all circumstances.

Version (07/25/2020) fixes an issue with signups.

For two days following the server issues which impacted a Win site on the 21st July, signup wasn't possible through that Win site, but remained open on all other Win sites.

This is now fixed.

Version (07/21/2020) adds support for rule based filtering ("AutoModerator").

At current, it takes action on 'remove' and 'approve' signals.

Update by chewsoap.

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